Web site redesign is a simple yet effective way to keep your web site updated in the online market. Sometimes, redesigning your web site becomes as important as designing it. It not only enhances the looks of your web site but affects the overall performance of your online business. A large number of tools are available to assist you in redesigning your web site. But there are some specific tools that simply stand out from the rest when it comes to effectively redesigning your web site: 1.Dreamweaver: This is counted as one of the popular web redesign tools. It is basically a commercial application that is developed for operating systems like Mac and Windows. The options included in this software are Syntax Highlighting and Code Hinting. A built-in FTP Client, Project Management and options like workflow make team work easier. The best option in this web site redesign tool would be Live View because it gives you a preview of your source code. 2.Firebug: This is a free and open source web development tool designed exclusively for the Firefox web browser. This tool includes a console for logging in, analyzing and debugging JavaScript. Also, it includes on-the-fly HTML and CSS editing. This is useful for altering and debugging the code written for redesigning your web site. An inspection tool called the Document Object Model(DOM) helps you to quickly scan to see how the elements of a web page are related to each other. 3.Fireworks: This again is a graphics editor exclusively for Mac and Windows Operating Systems. One of the features of this web site redesign tool includes the ability of packaging an entire site as a PDF. This gives the advantage of having interactive site prototypes. It also includes optimization tools that help in making the web graphics chosen by you as lightweight as possible. 4.Photoshop: This tool is undoubtedly one of the most common graphics editor known and used by all. This again works for Operating Systems like Mac and Windows. It is an ideal software for professional designers for creating web graphics. Also, it works really well for manipulating images. 5.Panic Coda: Another web site redesign tool that is designed exclusively for Mac OS X Operating System. It is a shareware web development application which helps in reducing the number of applications incorporated for developing web sites. The best part about this tool is that it uses tabbed interface for text editing and file transfers. The tools mentioned above are all very popular in the Internet market when it comes to designing or redesigning your web site. Incorporating any of these in your web site redesigning campaign will undoubtedly bring in guaranteed results. About the Author: Utah web designers and programmers, Utah Web Designing has been designing a professional, effective, usable and highly interactive website that stands tall in the internet world. What describe us best are our work and the results it produces. Our Utah web design firm is a full designing agency with varied multitude of Utah web designing services. For further information, visit: Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: