Automobiles In the automotive industry, BMW brag about the Ultimate Driving machine, and boy, do they deliver! Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works is a German automotive .pany that specializes in cars, bikes and engines. It is now the parent .pany of Rolls Royce Motor cars. They provide an array of engine sizes ranging from the Straight 4 and the Straight – 6 to the V 6, V 8 and V 16; it is pretty obvious that they are performance driven. Aerodynamics, drive train, chassis etc. up for customization, the choice is yours for the making. Driving your kids to school, getting to work or all out rally racing, they provide an unending list of customizations to suit your whim. In 2005, BMW unveiled a beautiful coup version of the Z4 at the world renowned Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. It was designed by the inspired former Head of Design, Chris Bangle, and present Chief of Design, Adrian van Hooydonk. The production content was introduced at the New York Auto Show in April 2006. A while ago, the design of the new BMW Z4 Coup was considered almost impossible to build as the lines were much more extravagant than usual and the panels were too .plex to manufacture. The M Coup shares its fantastic 3.2 L Inline-6 with the M Roadster. All down to its hatch design, the Z4 Coup has 10.1 cu ft. of trunk space, when .pared to 8.5 cu ft. for the roadster. It is a .pletely and .plexly different roadster than its predecessor thanks to a much stiffer chassis The E86 Coup features a fixed roof which yields additional rigidity- per degree of body twist on the coupe when .pared to per degree on the roadster, which improves driving dynamics and corner handling. A beautifully contoured roof serves as an aerodynamic aid, and offers a whole lot more headroom than the roadster (when it is closed). As well as a sleeker fastback rear window and a well-integrated spoiler shaped to deliver much more down force to the rear axle at speed. It also features some pretty impressive engines, with the DOHC 16V, Alpina 3400cc and 450 HP AC Schnitzer for the 4 cylinders and the DOHC 24V, 2.2-2.5-3.0 and the N52B30-3L & N52B25-2.5L for the 6 cylinders. With an awe inspiring array of interiors to choose from for standard models, by far the most impressive is the limited edition Maritime Inspiration. Some of the highlights include Champagne leather console and doors, individual door sills, black leather upholstery for the doors, Mahogany Maritime dash board, wooden steering wheel, and velvet floor mats. The BMW Z4 (E86) is a high performance machine on everyones wish list. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: