BMW today announced – new energy strategy three new cars listed on BMW group will be pure electric vehicles and hybrid cars as the focus of product development direction. In the evening of September 1st (the eve of the opening of the Chengdu auto show), Netcom editor invited to participate in the 2016 BMW new energy family night activities. According to the official learned from the news, BMW group will officially announce the new plan in the field of new energy, and there are three new energy vehicles announced the official price to enter the market. Three BMW announced the price of new energy vehicles, BMW 740Le iPerformance is a 2.0T gasoline engine and electric motor hybrid type collocation models; new cash based on the BMW 7 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to build, body size unchanged, the overall design style and cash in the sale of cars to keep consistent. The charging interface of the left wing on the wheel arch, and e-Drive Peugeot reflects this is a plug-in hybrid vehicle type. Power, new car is equipped with a combination of 2.0T engine and a motor; comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers down to about 2.1 liters of pure electric mode, an endurance of 40 kilometers, and 100 kilometers acceleration time of only 5.5 seconds. Similarly, the new energy models released at the show as well as a pure electric upgraded version of the I3 sedan. The appearance of a new continuation of the current model design style, the body color and the power system has been upgraded. New battery capacity expansion of 50%, up to 33 kwh, is expected to total mileage (Senate, pictures, inquiry) will reach 300 km. BMW night will also launch a BMW I8 (reference, pictures, inquiry) proton red special edition models. The new car is equipped with an upgraded version of the current model, plug-in hybrid power; the maximum output power of 196 kW, the peak torque of 570 nm. Hundred kilometers comprehensive fuel consumption is only about 2 liters, 100 km acceleration time of 4.4 seconds. BMW will form a new lineup of new energy vehicles in the domestic new energy market in the China market, BMW has launched the first domestic 530Le plug-in hybrid car, as well as a imported BMW X5 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) xDrive40e models. According to BMW’s plan, in the field of driving all the BMW product line to be electric, new energy vehicles will become the main direction of future development.相关的主题文章: