Burberry and MK join together, because Ma after standing for 470 million new middle – Sohu technology in these two days, the largest cross-border electricity supplier news and fashion, in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Tmall double 11 Festival global trend! As the fashion circles a wood louse, the first time I feel the fashion (beautiful body) the huge impact, is here. Quite interesting is that on the one hand, inside and outside the field, the luxury brands are ogled Tmall with actions and words. In the trend of the world premiere ceremony, Burberry introduced a new perfume, Massa, Guerlain, lardy Samsonite also has appeared; on the sidelines, once hand Ali light luxury brand Michael Kors (hereinafter referred to as MK) suddenly changed face, Tmall in the Asia Pacific president Li Dakang’s "any luxury brand full of tender feelings, I hope China the electricity supplier’s sales accounted for 10% of the total to 20%, are not open around Ali’s Tmall." On the other hand, there is the electricity supplier industry media questioned, questioned the trend of Festival Watch and buy sales volume is 0, of course, after half a day, the media will take the initiative to the mouth, found the real Festival sales is considerable. The tide Festival certainly brings good sales, but if Tmall really think the trend of festival, is to short sell sell, it really is low at Tmall. Although the new show Burberry love underwear women body is very good, but in the trend of the ceremony, my favorite is Burberry, the show is full of coquettish suicide bombers eclectic, Burberry catwalk finale debut is a stream. The show is resplendent with variegated coloration gradually faded, noisy and passionate music also slowed down the tempo, a perfume fog drifted down from the high ceiling, wearing a black windbreaker Burberry classic tall men, holding a black umbrella, walked slowly out of the shadows, the umbrella covering his face, Burberry classic plaid lining now, the mysterious, solemn, noble, elegant and calm. This model from T head to walk to the end, only slowly to not much, if any fragrance floated into the nose, this is a week after the online stores under the listing of the new perfume, Tmall users can watch and buy, booking site. Of course, Burberry is not Muji, nor is it a cold wind. Show before a hot enough brand advertising blockbusters, has let the audience around this is envious, Oscar winning director Steve McQueen’s latest blockbuster "sweet love" one day in the Chinese premiere. As a company with a history of nearly 200 years of British luxury brands, Burberry seems to be on the lattice elements of loyalty, expressed his conservative attitude. But that is not the case, as early as 2014, Burberry had settled in the Tmall mall, it is eager to embrace the Internet, as well as new technologies, such as in last year’s London Fashion Week, Burberry and LINE, playing live and customization, so the Burberry finale debut Tmall, natural reason.相关的主题文章: