Burn valuation has shrunk competitive beauty group by merger to break the industry cycle of death in the O2O platform competition, a party to raise the commission or slightly increases, businesses or users to rival platform, this is an all unprofitable death cycle. Financing to the G round of the United States has not yet listed, it is urgent to get rid of this dead cycle, investor news reporter Jing Jing recently, the United States and then become the protagonist of the scandal, there are rumors that it will merge with Baidu Nuomi, takeaway. For a time, whether there will be second bit +Uber to start hot. But then, Baidu official responded that the rumor is inconsistent with the facts, while the United States declined to comment. Not so long ago, the U.S. group had cubujifang announced the acquisition of Huarun’s investment, this is the U.S. group G round of financing. Only half a year from the financing time, it is time to burn the United States and the United States spent $3 billion 300 million? These money in where? What kind of return? A noteworthy problem is that if the start-up companies in the D round of financing has not yet listed, then it means that the listing of the road is not optimistic. Previously, where the "marathon" financing to G round is not below, the U.S. group also follow suit? Where did you go for $3 billion 300 million? When the United States troops, from the "hundred regiments" deus ex, much sought after capital. Now the United States is very careful, even the media reported that the U.S. group internal executives said: beauty made a mockery of the core competitiveness is the biggest cash subsidy. The United States seems to have fallen into a black hole, it will burn how much money? And how long will it burn? When will it be profitable? All this is unknown. According to public information to view the financing situation of the U.S. group, the amount of financing from a clear amount to only about the amount of money, and now even the amount of the expression is unknown. Just like the G round of financing, the investor is only released for Huarun, but the amount of financing and valuation, but did not mention the speculation that this may be due to the amount of financing is not ideal. The amount of financing to see beauty group over the years, the increasing amount of frequency is also more and more high, burn faster and faster. According to know almost broke the tie, U.S. group a few major businesses to store business group, U.S., cat movies, the hotel, the first half of 2015 the average monthly losses were 300 million, 150 million, 100 million, 50 million, add up to the average monthly loss of 600 million u.s.. So, is the group in the public comment and merged into the "get new" after 3 billion 300 million dollars is not enough to burn for half a year. The burn group returns, in group purchase and movie tickets, takeaway business have been temporarily lead, but lost in the hotel and take out the market, common two business is online: low degree, scattered resources, products are more complex, practitioners uneven in quality. This means that in the hotel and takeaway areas not hit the money will be able to break the market share, but to focus on the technology and services behind. Even now the U.S. mission in the hotel and takeaway market monthly subsidy of more than 200 million yuan, is still difficult. How much could bear.相关的主题文章: