Software Deleting unimportant emails is a good practice to avoid unnecessary use of disk space. But it is a different situation if you accidentally delete an important email from Outlook Express. The email is lost and you cannot think of any way of getting it back. However, it is now easy to retrieve lost emails from Outlook Express . Even if you do not have a backup, you can easily find lost emails in Outlook Express. Read on to find out how. Outlook Express uses files that have .dbx and .mbx extensions for storing purposes. This means that every mailbox including the inbox, the drafts, etc. used in Outlook has its own file saved with an extension. So, we have inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc. These files store all the mails in their own folder. Now, all these .dbx files are together saved in a folder that is called the store folder. This folder is usually stored in the "Documents and Settings" folder in the C drive. Emails can be lost due to various reasons like system format or virus’. Also, accidental deletion can cause temporary loss. When you delete an email by mistake and wish to recover it, exit Outlook Express immediately. Also, do not try and .pact the email folders. When a mail is deleted, it is not physically removed from the memory. It is still present inside the .dbx file as free space. The .pact feature is used by Outlook to remove the deleted emails physically from the system. This option works well when you want to accelerate the performance, but it does not allow the user to retrieve the accidentally deleted mails. After exiting Outlook Express, avoid using it until the desired mails are restored. Run the DBX Repair Software to locate and recover the emails. To avoid data loss, it is re.mended to keep your inbox manageable by transferring mails to different folders. Try to maintain a backup of your store folders from time to time. Unnecessary emails should be deleted. For accidental deletion, different tools can be used for recovery. One such tool is the Date Recovery Pro. This software has an easy to use interface which guides the user through the various steps involved in locating files and retrieving them. It scans for and recovers lost emails and messages in almost no time at all. Data Recovery Pro can bring back not only emails but also various file types. The Data Recovery Pro utility can retrieve lost emails from outlook express as well as other peripherals. It can even recover files from formatted and partitioned drives. This tool has made it extremely easy to find lost emails in Outlook Express . Even keywords and phrases from deleted files can be located with the help of this software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: