What Kills Urinary Tract Infection In Cats? – Why Your Cat’s Feline Uti Keeps Coming Back By: Kate Rieger | Jun 29th 2009 – Its been two weeks of heck giving your cat antibiotics and she still strains at the litter box during urination. You have a sneaky feeling that your cat still has a feline UTI. You know she is hurting and all you want to know is just "What Kills Urinary Tract Infection In Cats?" Tags: Cystitis In Cats – Five Simple Steps To Prevent Cystitis In Cats By: Kate Rieger | Jun 22nd 2009 – Unfortunately, cystitis in cats is a fast growing problem for cat owners in the United States. It is not unusual for cats to have repeated bouts with urinary tract problems and infections. It can be very frustrating to deal with recurring incidents of cat urinary infections. But you can take action and stop this problem in … Tags: Cystitis In Cats – Prevent This Common Cat Bladder Problem Without Prescription Drugs By: Kate Rieger | Jun 21st 2009 – Cystitis in cats, simply put, means inflammation of the bladder. However, cystitis can be a sign of a more dangerous condition known as feline urinary blockage. Here are some symptoms to watch for if you are concerned that your cat might have a feline urinary blockage. If your cat shows any of the below symptoms, make sure … Tags: Bladder Problems In Cats – Discover Why Your Cat Got A Feline Urinary Infection By: Kate Rieger | Jun 21st 2009 – Bladder problems in cats are preventable when you know what causes them. As a cat owner, if you knew exactly what to do to keep your cat healthy and happy, you would do it now — right? You wouldn’t have to think twice. In the case of feline urinary infection, you need to know the causes so that you have the tools to preven … Tags: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats By: Holly Mayer | Mar 25th 2009 – With the American cat population hovering around 75 million, it’s clear that cats are one of the country’s favorite pets. Despite their popularity, though, there’s a lot that most people don’t know about domesticated felines. Here are five fascinating facts about cats that will help you be a better-informed and more conscie … Tags: Cats And Cat Behavior By: Scribbler | Dec 2nd 2008 – Understanding your pet cat and cats; behavior is easy now when you start to observe their activities, try to understand their communication medium. They are mighty creatures who love your care and seek your attention all the time. Tags: Raising Siamese Cats By: Nevs Ullmann | May 13th 2008 – Of all breeds of cats, the Siamese cat is the ideal cat for the owner who wants a demonstrative and loving cat. Known to be extroverts, Siamese cats are outgoing and sociable. Tags: Dogs And Cats Friends Or Enemies By: Nevs Ullmann | May 9th 2008 – There is a running misconception about dogs and cats as being mortal enemies to each other. This has become a very popular notion especially because nowadays you can watch on television cartoons where a cat is always being chased by a dog. Tags: Pet Health Insurance For Your Cats – Worth The Small Monthly Fee By: Madonna Lee | Feb 6th 2008 – Pet health insurance for cats is something you should seriously consider if you own a cat. By paying a small fee per month for coverage you can take your cat for regular vet check-ups and, if necessary, afford any procedures and medications without a major financial buden. Tags: Mange In Cats Feline Help By: Ron King | Dec 4th 2007 – Mange is a very contagious condition of the skin caused by mites and parasites in animals. Cats affected by mange usually stay outdoors. If left untreated, the cat may become extremely ill and lose its fur. The symptoms of mange include itching, discomfort, and scratching. Here are options cat owners may use to treat their … Tags: Cats Behavior : Dealing With Scratching By: Paul Proctor | Oct 23rd 2007 – It is in your cat’s nature to scratch. Cats evolved their razor-sharp claws to hunt and to defend themselves from prey. When humans domesticated them, their claws, and their instinct to use them by scratching, did not go away. For many people, scratching is such a nuisance that they end up getting their cats declawed. This … Tags: Kitty Cats Our Valued Family Members By: Paulina Jenkins | Oct 22nd 2007 – Kitty cats have been over the centuries developed strong bonds with humans. These creatures are found to form the most affectionate attachment to their owners. They are capable of great love and loss when their beloved humans died. Tags: Cats Behavior – Get To Know What They Mean By: Paul Proctor | Aug 4th 2007 – Cats behavior is so different for each cat, ranging from being your best bud to the haughty queen, that it just adds to the reasons that cat lovers enjoy their companions, besides the more obious physical differences. Tags: Understanding Why And How To Stop Your Cats Biting. By: Ann Kristin | Mar 20th 2007 – Cats look cute and adorable. That is until they start biting poor unsuspecting human beings. Cats need to be taught good behavior. A lot of biting that is done by cat is a result of uncorrected bad behavior. Keep in mind that cats came from the wild. Even though now cats have been domesticated and live in close contact with … Tags: Tips On How To Properly Care For You Cats Health By: Ann Kristin | Feb 26th 2007 – Just like humans, cats feel miserable when they are sick. As a pet owner, it is your primary responsibility to keep your feline friends healthy and happy. With proper care and nutrition you will have a friend for life in the form of your pet cat. Here are some tips on how you can properly care for your cat’s … Tags: Funny Facts About Cats By: Susan Esterbill | Feb 13th 2007 – Fact#1: Cats will stay away from cardboard or life sized statue cats For some reason, cats stay away from life sized cat statues or cardboard cats. This is a useful fact when trying to keep your cat away from your garden or backyard. You can buy these from a gardening hardware store. Fact#2: Ca … Tags: Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 11th 2007 – Your first line of defense when keeping cats out of your garden is to make sure that you have your boundaries secure. Tags: Cats And Ring Worm By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – Ringworm is a very common form of skin disease that is found in both dogs and cats. Although its name makes you think otherwise, this skin disease isn’t caused by any type of worm. Tags: Caring For Persian Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – These days, Persian cats are among the most popular breeds of cat. Well known for their gentle and sweet personalities and their long hair, Persian cats have very attractive features. Tags: Cats And Feline Diabetes By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – Cats are one of the most popular pets in North America. They are loving pets, capable of providing you years of companionship. Like other pets, cats can sometimes get sick. Tags: Cats Bonding With Their Owners By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – There are a lot of experts out there who say that cats are strictly independent animals. These very same experts state that cats have chosen to associate with humans due to their strategy of survival. Tags: An In Depth Look At Siamese Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – The exotic and somewhat mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand. They had always been a popular breed of cats, some even residing in royal palaces. Tags: Heartworm Treatment For Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – As most pet owners already know, heartworm treatment for cats and dogs isn’t the same. Never, under any circumstances, should you give your cat heartworm treatment that is designed for a dog – or vice versa. Tags: Litter Cleaning For Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – Almost everyone, adults and kids alike have a natural fondness for cats. They are loving, quiet, and very playful pets that can provide you with years of entertainment. Tags: Taking Care Of Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – These days, cats are among the most popular pet you can own. There are several breeds available, with the most popular being Persian and Siamese. Tags: Things To Know About Abused Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Feb 10th 2007 – Cats that have been abused can appear severely maimed and damaged all over their exterior. Some may appear to be in perfect shape on the outside, although all of the damage they sustained may be internal or emotional. Tags: Cats Get Older Too By: Tristan Andrews | Jan 17th 2007 – With good veterinary care, an indoor lifestyle, cooperative genes and a pinch of luck, cats can sometimes live to the age of twenty years or more. Tags: All About Traveling With Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Jan 17th 2007 – If you are planning to travel with your cat, first ask yourself these questions: Are cats allowed at my destination? Tags: Feeding Older Cats By: Tristan Andrews | Jan 17th 2007 – As cats grow older, their dietary needs change. Older cats are often more finicky about what they’ll eat and may prefer to eat smaller portions at a sitting. Tags: Understanding Cats Behavior – Part 2 By: Tristan Andrews | Jan 11th 2007 – The dominance of male cats is decided by the following; the bigger, stronger and younger cat wins his place in the hierarchy. He does not always have to fight to work his way up the ladder, because older or weaker cats may submit peacefully; nor does any one cat have to fight every other cat in a group where the hierarchy h … Tags: Understanding Cats Behavior – Part 1 By: Tristan Andrews | Jan 11th 2007 – A cat has his own welcoming miaow which he will use only for his owner. Other people, even companion cats, will hear a different meow as their greeting. The cat will then rub against the owner’s legs and may accompany this with a chirruping noise of greeting. He may bounce on stiff front legs, back slightly arched, with ear … Tags: Hyperthyroidism In Cats By: L Johnson | Dec 5th 2006 – Veterinarians tell us that hyperthyroidism is very common type of hormonal disorder seen in older cats, and even some middle aged cats. This occurs when the thyroid glands began producing large amounts of thyroid hormones. Often this happens as a result of a benign thyroid tumor (adenoma); however, vets do not know what cau … Tags: Inside Cats And Outside Cats By: Matthew Hick | Nov 18th 2006 – Cats can be either outdoor or indoor pets. Pet owners themselves must decide whether or not they want their cats to be outdoor or indoor animals. Many countries actually ban people from allowing cats to be outdoor animals, especially if the cats are declawed and defenseless in the wild. In the United States, however, the de … Tags: The History Of Cats By: Matthew Hick | Nov 18th 2006 – Have you ever wondered about the history of the cat? Throughout the ages, cats have been both adored and despised by different groups of people. Today, cats are just as popular as dogs when it comes to common household pets. But where did the cat originally come from? And how did it make its way into our hearts and into our … Tags: Tonkinese Cats: The Dog Cat By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – Tonkinese Cats play fetch, adore people, and are all the fun of a dog without the inconvenience of having to walk them in the middle of the night. Tags: Singapura Cats Love Their Humans By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – Singapura cats genuinely seem to need human contact and affection, and have a way of looking at you with their large, pleading eyes that make you want to give them everything they want. Tags: Siberian Cats Are Nothing To Sneeze At By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – Even though they have beautiful fur, Siberian cats are not only great for allergy suffers, but will give your dog a run for its money Tags: Ragamuffin Cats: Bred To Be Docile By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – Their original breeder would have you believe they’re from outer space, but RagaMuffins are just extremely docile, adoring cats that love attention. Tags: Munchkin Cats: Short Stuff By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – Cute, cuddly Munchkin Cats may be short on legs but they make adorable, loyal pets. Tags: Balinese Cats: Siamese In Ermine? By: Iro Ignatiadi | Sep 1st 2006 – The Balinese is a beautiful and smart version of the Siamese with an ermine coat. They love to clown around but also make perfect watch cats whenever something is unusual or strange. Tags: Cats "�" The Purrfect Companion? By: Lucy Bartlett | Jul 7th 2006 – "You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats." – Colonial proverb Fancy having a cat at home? It will depend on you throughout its life "�" around 15 years with proper care "�" so properly budget for visits to the vets and other costs before making a decision to get a cat. Tags: Cats, Kittens, Cat accessories, Felines, Pets, Pet care Cats Are Very Lovable Creatures By: Paul MacIver | Mar 8th 2006 – "��Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o’ fur?"��- An Irish saying about cats, perhaps best describes what pleasure-giving creatures cats can be. Cats for many people, are really very lovable Tags: 相关的主题文章: