Chengdu fraud Gang drugged gamble Beijing cheat people end – Sohu news chained and thrown into prison in Chengdu in March 26,   (reporter Anyuan) 26, reporter learned from the Chengdu city procuratorate, Chengdu District of Wenjiang city procuratorate accepted a multi member fraud Gang recently, the gang all sorts of excuses to talk business, drugged to the victims in the occasion dinner, then through poker gambling, fraud victims belongings delirious. It is understood that in April 2014, Luo Wei (alias), Chen Mei (alias) and other 9 groups of fraud gangs, through the network, telephone and other ways to contact the victim, lied that he is "boss", to talk about business as an excuse to come out to dinner. In Jiuhanershu are already prepared to join the drugged soup, while the victim unconscious when asked playing cards gambling. In gambling, many people cooperate to defraud the victim’s property and even take or transfer the money through the bank card password. Since 2014, the criminal gang has been successful several times, and the amount of fraud has reached hundreds of thousands of yuan. In mid February 2015, more than one crime fraud gang was arrested by Wenjiang District police. The case was Wenjiang District procuratorate after examination that the suspect Luo Wei, Chen Mei and other personnel before collusion, the use of fictitious facts, conceal the truth by means of drugged gambling fraud victims belongings, and large amount of suspected fraud has been approved the arrest. At present, the case is still under further scrutiny. 成都诈骗团伙下迷药设赌局 骗多人终锒铛入狱-搜狐新闻  中新网成都3月26日电  (记者 安源)26日记者从成都市检察院获悉,成都市温江区检察院于近日受理了一起多人组成的团伙诈骗案,该团伙巧立名目“谈生意”,在吃饭之际向受害人下迷药,而后通过打牌赌博等方式,诈骗神志不清的被害人财物。  据了解,2014年4月,罗伟(化名)、陈梅(化名)等9人组成诈骗团伙,通过网络、电话等方式联系被害人,谎称自己是“老板”,以谈生意为由约其出来吃饭。在酒酣耳熟之际,将早已准备好的迷药加入被害人汤中,趁被害人神志不清时邀其打牌赌博。在赌博中多人配合骗取被害人财物,甚至通过套取银行卡密码的方式取现或转账。2014年至今,该犯罪团伙已得手多次,诈骗金额达数十万元。2015年2月中旬,这一作案多起的诈骗团伙被温江区警方抓获。  此案经温江区检察院审查后,认为犯罪嫌疑人罗伟、陈梅等人事前共谋,采用虚构事实、隐瞒真相的手段,通过下迷药设赌局骗取被害人财物,且数额较大,涉嫌诈骗罪,已被批准逮捕。目前,此案仍在进一步的审查之中。相关的主题文章: