The children are too shy to the attention of many parents children are shy of Sohu maternal and child psychology, parenting experts remind parents, for the child’s shyness must pay attention to, and also should be adjusted. In particular, some of the children in a serious situation, if not timely adjustment, it is likely to affect the friends, and later life, study, work. To adjust the child’s shyness is very simple, the parents in ordinary life, just need to do the following: 1 don’t criticize when children do something wrong, many parents will first use is to criticize the way of education, experts pointed out that this way can not only make children aware of mistakes, even may affect children the psychological health. Note that in addition to the criticism, at the same time in ordinary life, more attention should be paid to don’t often frighten children, don’t force him to call a person or a small and a friend to play, the way of education will let the children become timid. When the child’s education as far as possible in a more relaxed situation, so that not only allows the child to better understand their own mistakes, and his physical and mental health will not cause adverse effects. 2 shy behavior if the child has a shy phenomenon, this time the parents do not treat it as a mistake, otherwise it will only make the child more timid and shy. And not in ordinary life, expressed dissatisfaction with the phenomenon of children is even shy, because this behavior so that he does not love him, so not to treat children symptoms, even may lead children into inferiority complex emotions. In this part of the child, it is best to be treated. In fact, the child temporarily with adults greeting, with children play together and not what big problem, usually after over three years of excessive shyness and cowardly situation will be significantly improved. 3 logo there are a lot of parents in order to stimulate the child to adjust the shy and timid and so on, which in normal life often when a child’s face logo to him, that he is a shy boy. This is very wrong, because you may be well intentioned logo will be deeply implanted in his heart, he would think that he is like this. But in later life and social life, he will use this identity to escape not love people. For this part of the child, parents should help improve their self-confidence, and should also allow them to play the game. This will enable them to keep up with other children, and effectively improve the shyness. 4 do not insist on normal life, but also pay special attention to, that is, the other members of the family and friends, colleagues, and so do the work, do not often ask too much of this child". It is best to stay away from him and then gradually close, so you can give the child a process of adaptation, in the process can also let this part of the children learn to take the initiative to call". Timid and shy for children how to do the problem, these are very effective adjustment methods, parents must pay attention to the normal life of these methods. At the same time, be careful not to force too much相关的主题文章: