The water phase of the enterprise private cloud Chinese has passed, OpenStack field has three technology entrepreneurship bonus – Sohu EasyStack founder and CEO Chen Xilun at half past nine last night when I leave the office the same day, only three out of the list, a walk to the parking lot and received the news in two single, hurried back to the company Red envelopes." Domestic OpenStack company EasyStack founder and CEO Chen Xilun in the day before the Mid Autumn Festival to see reporters excited. According to the experience of the entrepreneur, the same period last year, the second half of this year, the demand for OpenStack users nearly 10 times the growth." Only 2016 a year, by the end of September, the company was founded two years of entrepreneurial companies have reaped some ten million yuan level of pure single OpenStack software. "This year, from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions of millions of single appear until now, Chinese enterprise has gone through private cloud water, began to do the real thing. This process is very fast, beyond our expectations." Chen Xilun also said that as a background does not have any relationship to start-up companies, to get ten million yuan level of large orders, that OpenStack is also usher in a new three entrepreneurship bonus. Private cloud market inflection point signal EasyStack founding team from China’s first OpenStack research and development of the core team of IBM China R & D center, the main members from IBM, Oracle, HP and other companies. Since its inception in February 2014, EasyStack has focused on the open source community version of OpenStack products, and then used in the construction of enterprise private cloud. Looking back over the past two years of entrepreneurship, EasyStack co-founder and COO Wang Ruilin said that as a front-line practitioners can feel the domestic private cloud market in a significant rapid warming. In 2014, EasyStack also reap hundreds of thousands of yuan scale projects, to 2015 reached 1 million, in 2016 it has emerged tens of millions of large single, large banks involved in projects, energy projects, project operators etc.. Especially the tens of millions of large single, are directly on the core application of the enterprise. In fact, in 2014, when the EasyStack founding team began to contact corporate customers, the other side is often skeptical, obviously can feel the company’s private cloud and OpenStack questioned or wait and see. But in 2016, has no need to introduce what is the enterprise private cloud, what is OpenStack; the enterprise IT before the team looking for EasyStack, often has made it clear to OpenStack private cloud project, the next step is to find the product selection and technical ability of the partners. Clear market inflection point signal appears in July this year. In July 15th, the CBRC issued the "Chinese regulatory guidance China banking information technology" 13th Five-Year "development plan (Draft)", pointed out"相关的主题文章: