Interior-Decorating Chinese New Year Lanterns, also known as Sky Lanterns, will add a new element of excitement to any given occasion. With a highly appealing appearance, the sparkle of the lantern can be seen flying up in the air for up to 20 minutes and will travel several miles in distance. They keep running until the flame blows out and gently floats back down for a safe landing. In China, Asia and elsewhere around the world, lanterns have been an integral part of traditions for centuries. They are launched for play or as part of long-established festivities. A number of Chinese lanterns are usually set at once, making the sky appear mystifying and beautiful as they collectively float in the air. They are available in an array of different sizes, with different prices suiting budgets and requirements of any kind. The lanterns also .e with different patterns and shapes, such as star, diamond, tube, eclipse as well as traditional round design. They are accessible in different sizes that range from 3 inches to 24 inches wide. These are some of the various uses of this artifact. Celebration of the New Year: Chinese lanterns are very prominent during festivals, but they are most frequently used for the New Year celebrations. To bring-forth the New Year, people would write messages on the lanterns asking for a good year. They would also mention their hopes, dreams and prayers for the future. The Chinese New Year lanterns are believed to have a direct conduit to the heavens as well as being a symbol of problems, worries, and stress floating away. Luck and Prosperity: The lanterns are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to those releasing them. Besides Asians, people around the world send their wishes as they let off their lanterns, with the belief that their hopes and wishes will .e true when the lanterns glided into the sky. This is partly why they are .mon during the Chinese New Year as people hope that their wishes and dreams be.e a reality in the New Year. Signify Occasions: The release of lanterns into the night sky is said to signify moments of magic. This is why they are usually released at the birth of a child, wedding ceremonies and other such important occasions. They are also widely used during national holidays and celebrations. The Chinese lanterns announce their positive news to the world as they gracefully cascade through the sky. Light Up Celebrations: Besides its military use, Chinese New Year lanterns have gained tremendous popularity amongst children, especially at carnivals and festive occasions. The bright colors and spiritual natural captures the childrens imagination. These days, the lanterns are used for different reasons and occasions. Besides Asia, they are used worldwide for birthdays, parties, festivals, grand openings, memorials, weddings and much more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: