China student discipline is pleased to hear the case in Chinese population for justice on 28 September, according to the American Press reported that 26 local time, occurred on 2014 at the University of Southern California China student discipline is pleased murdered case, the prosecution argued the two sides on the temporary move before the trial final confrontation. 27, 2009, the case entered the trial of one of the suspects Guerrero jury selection, then entered the court statement. In recent days, many overseas Chinese will be the news to call for more overseas compatriots to rush about telling the news around spreading, pay attention to the matter. Many overseas Chinese use of social media attention discipline glad case progress. (newspaper reporter Nie Da photo) overseas Civil Engineering Association chairman Xiao Qiang said: "for two years and four months, and finally to the court case. In this case, the case has been delayed for a variety of reasons, but we are always concerned about and follow up on this matter. Mr Cai Minhui’s lawyer has also been responsible for conveying all kinds of information about the case. I remember two years ago, when the case just happened, then the southern Chinese can be said to be collective anger protests. Although at that time in summer, many students also came so far the criminal court in central Losangeles campaign, is pleased to discipline that protest. Remember that many of the media, students and overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese came to southern California enthusiastic criminal court, holding the discipline is pleased to open photos, asked the court to protest banner also pleased discipline and family justice, when we help, in the public opinion to the court is not a small pressure." Now, it has been more than two years, although people’s angry mood is flat, but do not want people on this matter enthusiasm declined, so I have to this matter in social media calling for, in the day of the hearing to go to court for the discipline is pleased to case, a is to see early victims should have access to justice, on the other hand, the judicial system of the United States hopes public workers see the unity of the chinese."相关的主题文章: