UnCategorized Choosing a .pany name that effectively defines and describes the mission, services, and products, of your home based business is one of the most important tasks that you as a business owner will ever undertake. So how do you choose the best name. This article will provide some tips to help you. First of all, brainstorm with your colleagues, family, friends, and others to .e up with a list of potential names that directly correlate to the products and services offered by your .pany. It is tempting to use them, but try to avoid those generic names that just scream home-based business if at all possible. Using your name may be tempting, but try to think ahead to the future, when you may want to trademark or register your name and/or if you are planning on selling products over the Internet. Going along with the above tip, try not to be literal or narrow. Unique Arizona Antiques may work for you now, but later on, when your business and product line expand, your name may severely limit your sales appeal. You should also try to choose a shorter name rather than a long one, since you want your name to be easy to pronounce, spell, remember, and repeat. Think about the visual imagery associated with your name. This is why names with descriptive adjectives, i.e. Speedy Plumbing, Quick Photo, In N Out Burger, etc, are so widely used. This visual imagery evoked by your name will also influence the design of your logo. Even if it is too early to be worried about logo design right now, you should still chose a name that lends itself to the possibility later on down the road. Once you think you have the perfect name, ask your friends, family members, and people you trust to give you their honest opinion of it. They may be able to point out potential problems that have escaped your attention. If you think that you have the perfect name, make it your first priority to register it as a domain name, since in todays business world, every business has a website. If your name is already registered under a .. consider purchasing a .net, .org, etc version, or heading back to the drawing board and starting over. Your home based business will more than likely have to rely on the Internet for at least some of its operations, and establishing an Internet presence is crucial to business success. If you do find yourself having to start back at the drawing board, so to speak, just chalk it up to a learning experience and begin again, keeping in mind that it will all be worth it once you discover that perfect .pany name. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: