The cloud tea industry to create "health Pu’er" five core elements – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jingmai mountain" is a natural environment for the growth of health tea. Now a lot of agricultural production and environmental pollution China worrying, Yunnan tea area due to the development of the area, the sunlight, air, soil, water and other natural elements here are not contaminated or light pollution, tea has been in the past few years to promote ecological tea garden construction, promote the organic tea certification, which creates conditions for the company in the choice of good raw material base. Many people are concerned about what determines the quality of tea is bad? I personally think that the main soil, climate, tea species, management mode, planting years, processing technology and other factors, while the soil, climate and other natural factors play a decisive role. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "mountain Jingmai" is two health tea production process control. Tea from the election, excavation, cultivation, management, harvesting, processing, transportation, warehousing and other control process must be carried out in accordance with the standard requirements, to eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers on tea disabled, to ensure the whole process of scientific and standardized management, clean production. Pu’er tea is the core of the value of health effects and storage aging. Tea companies in the world to build a "nature warehouse", that is, in a natural temperature, humidity storage conditions of Pu’er tea, so that the subsequent fermentation, the formation of a natural, rich traditional Pu’er flavor storage environment. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jing maishan three" is Pu’er Tea health promotion culture. Don’t deify Pu’er Tea, tea has health benefits, but the content of the contents of Yunnan Dayezhong tea polyphenols than small leaf more, that is to say bring health effects are more obvious. People sought after tea tree, is a matter of tea trees may be more abundant accumulation of tea trees; also the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are less; and the limited number of Yunnan ancient tea mountain tea to 5% of the total; for Pu’er Tea industry propaganda do not exaggerate, do not belittle. Since the heat Pu’er Tea, Pu’er Tea propaganda too aristocratic, let people Pu’er Tea think it is expensive, luxury goods, consumer side is lack of mass basis, also let a good Pu’er Tea did not become the people’s rations of tea, the Pu’er Tea formed brand small market situation. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jing maishan" four is the market development. The development of the market of health first to prevent fraud, fraud, origin of raw materials year fraud, brand fraud, which is said to Tableland Tea tea trees; a vintage tea touted as a decades old tea. The market price should be reasonable, Pu’er Tea is commodity nature cannot do without the laws of the market, Pu’er Tea with investment and collection functions, from the long-term development, investment Pu’er Tea annual income of around 15% I believe that reasonable health, some tea prices too high, as a long-term investment appreciation of the Pu’er Tea, there is a certain risk. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jing maishan five" drinking culture of health. Pu erh tea, because of its drying process, maintains the activity of the substance contained in the tea itself, and has the function of post fermentation相关的主题文章: