Completely Jiepan: Chelsea Rome Real Madrid were unbeaten home court completely trusted Jiepan Saturday a lot of upset all the catch in place, the gall Bo A Senna and Dortmund is finished, finally can not lose is lucky dortmund. There is also a Swansea, the last coach of Italy to hurt each other to the end of the egg, reasonable. The Sunday color without the French, Germany Italy Xisi home combination, moderate difficulty, with the Champions League team combination debut, unlike in the past is pure as it is difficult to guess the Europa League team. The Premier League clash, 3 and a half low water toward Chelsea, Mourinho this is the basic zhigenzhidi coach on the opposite side, the odds are still not optimistic about the Manchester game of the greater chance. A major concern in Naples and Rome, Rome consecutive home court battle, the week was reserved after winning the first flat, but slightly, but the overall condition is not bad, in the face of Palermo is not a big problem, and now the only get away, there is a theme. Naples is one-sided optimistic, but the team’s recent stability is poor, be upset. La Liga Atletico view against Sevilla, Sevilla home court record victory seems very stable, but in the face of the current two-way Atletico, Seville offensive defense both face great challenge, the disc and disc hemisphere points, but significantly greater chance of atletico. The last round of the Villarreal Dabao CELTA, continue to face the ball hit Lars Palmas, the attack force than the defensive end relatively stable CELTA equivalent, but David Villa’s counterattack quite sharp, or the greater chance of victory, but difficult. There is no suspense in Real Madrid, Real Madrid home court last lost to Bilbao in 2005, after Bernabeu B did not get even a minute, two consecutive slaughter, it is difficult to defend bilbao.相关的主题文章: