Continue to break speed let CTR run to fame – car if a Sohu to be listed in the list of comic racing Hall of fame, "writing D" awareness should be in the first row, since this cartoon was published, a lot of people to the mountain drift racing imaginary picture. And the other one is also revolves around a group of people started racing manga popularity low, but also welcomed by many people, namely the "Gulf Coast". Different and flexible operation need hands drift, "" in the Gulf have straight shutokou circular line challenge 300km h’s story, of course, in the same super high speed under the condition of both the connotation of want to express is not the same, "writing D" told us to keep going to move forward towards the dream. "Gulf Coast" is the theme of life is not only the dream of life, there are other important things. However, the comic book hero and their car is also hot, and different "initial D" Japanese car, "a European car still exists in the Gulf" from Germany, Porsche 964, owner Shima Dachiya set a thoughtful surgeon, with strong performance on scalpel like precision 964 technology to obtain a "black gulf strange bird Black Bird" in the title. In fact, this prototype car has corresponding in reality, namely Ruf to Porsche to build a CTR, but not called "Black Bird", because the color is not black, but "Yellow Bird", CTR is obviously painted yellow. In fact, this title is backing, the United States in the last century in 60s developed a product called SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft, nicknamed "Black Bird", speed up to 3 Maher 3 times the speed of sound, dare to call "Yellow Bird", indicating the car speed is not simple, today we will talk about this car manufacturers car story. Alois Ruf was founded in Germany in 1939 Ruf, was originally just an ordinary car service company, this time Porsche has launched its first own production car, but in the consultation of automobile development, the first consultation they received for the Volkswagen beetle. By the end of 40s, Ruf is not satisfied with the repair and maintenance services, but to their own cars, unlike other European manufacturers made routine, not a sports car is not a luxury car, but the tour bus, did not expect the market reaction to a good harvest, so as to expand the scale of Ruf bus business, all this temporary and performance do not hang on the relationship between. Ruf 186, which is also a sign of Ruf as a result of the green when his son Ruf grew up, began to learn to inherit the family business, but the car has a strong interest. From the beginning of 1960, Ruf took his father’s garage into a Porsche repair shop, 1974 old Ruf died, 24 year old Ruf mastered the power company, vowed to promote the development of the company and the philosophy of innovation and quality, he put all the energy and enthusiasm to protect!相关的主题文章: