SEO Link building by the use of content writing services is an important step in making a website functional for two important reasons. * Google and other search engines consider these backlinks created from content writing services as a gauge of how significant that website is. No backinks entitle the website to little distinction. You must build backlinks. * The correct links serve to build up the traffic entering your site. This maintains and improves your rating with search engines. Content writing services understands the process to effectively build backlinks. There are principles involved and rules to observe when try to build backlinks for your site and here are some that content writing services use to build backlinks for clients. 1 – Try to establish cross or reciprocal backlinks with other sites with the same or related interests as yours. For instance a site devoted to silver jewelry can link with a website selling wedding give aways and favors. Also, a website catering to online games might want to cross backlinks with a site selling .puters and .puter software. You start by emailing the other site’s owner. Naturally he will want to inspect your web pages before giving his go signal. 2 – content writing services use .ment posts in blogs with a topic related to your site’s. Usually it is the name of the person .menting which the link text. For your purposes, use a keyword in the name text box. This back link will raise your page ranking somewhat if your .ment is included among the first 100 ones. 3 – content writing services also discuss matters related to your niche in forums. Be careful to sign with your URL. Do this sparingly because you can easily be accused of spamming the forum and be consequently banned.It’s re.mended you have a content writing service do this for you. In any case if you are banned it’s the content writing services ip banned and not yours! They use proxies for this and hardly get banned. 4 – Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Videos with backlinks leading to your site will get you points from Google, something which can add up to gaining visibility for you. Don’t neglect to interact with other members of the .munity. You can gain traffic as well as close a few transactions with your friends. 5 – Content writing services #1 technique is writing articles which have been SEO primed and submit them to well-known article submission url’s. Examples of these are Ezines and GoArticles. Talk about something that is interesting and make sure your language is perfect and clear. Use the main keyword of your site in the backlink to gain more points from the search engine. 6 – content writing services use social bookmarking sites like Diggs and Delicious and are also great places to drop a good article once you posted it to other directories. This is done by all good content writing services. 7 – Registering your site in directories is good for raising page rank with Google. The condition is that the page on which you are located is cached by Google. In creating your backlinks, make sure that the page you are putting the link on is a ‘do follow’ page. If it is not and therefore is a ‘no follow.’ Google wont follow the link back to your site and you get no points for that. To identify which page is which, open the source code of the page from the View menu of your browser. Look for something like link rel=’do follow’ or rel=’no follow’ Link building services done by content writing services like blog .menting and forum posting should be done casually as the need arises and the occasion presents itself. Google is quick to detect a sudden growth of back links to your site. This can lead to your being classified as a spam site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: