Cyclical industry three quarter results significantly improve the supply side reform achieved the national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Zhang Yujie has announced the three listed companies in 2016 quarterly show, many traditional cyclical industries such as non-ferrous metals, coal, steel, aviation, breeding performance continued to pick up. Some of the industry performance to pick up the main benefit from supply side reform and excess supply capacity improvement after clearing, and another part of the industry is benefiting from the macroeconomic factors such as exchange rate stability. However, due to some industry performance improvement is the passive adjustment, the growth of energy and sustainability rather than demand driven rise significantly, the first three quarters of profitability, industry capacity re rebound trend, the industry believes that this is the four quarter and the first quarter of next year to bring certain supply pressure. The supply side reform achieved according to Wind data, has released 30 steel three quarterly reports of listed companies, most of the first three quarters of net profit increased significantly over the previous year, only 5 less than the net profit of the same period last year, 5 is still a loss. The shares of Wuhan Iron and steel, Maanshan Iron & steel, Jiuquan Hongxing and many other losses last year over 1 billion yuan of scale steel enterprises, the three quarter of this year were strong losses. The Wuhan Steel shares the first three quarters of this year net profit of 370 million yuan, while last year the scale of losses more than 1 billion yuan; Baosteel shares the first three quarters of this year net profit of 5 billion 598 million yuan, an increase of 148.33%, while the expected annual net profit rose 600% to 800%, while the 2015 net profit of 1 billion 13 million yuan baosteel. The same with the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals, coal and other industries are also similar to the performance of the industry overall warming situation. From 2015 this year, industry wide losses to most enterprises smoothly losses under the regulation of the market clearing capacity and supply side reforms is two "pushing hands". In 2015, due to serious excess capacity, steel, coal, nonferrous metals and other industries the main products prices "cliff" down. Such as electrolytic aluminum prices fell to 9000 yuan history lows tons, fell during 2008 as the international financial crisis. However, a substantial improvement in supply and demand and to boost the role of inventory, the first year in September, the price of aluminum has been showing a rising trend, the recent electrolytic aluminum spot trading prices rose to more than 14000 yuan per ton. Prices rose strongly, the non-ferrous metals industry has basically turned into profit. And to be able to enhance the production capacity of the country’s strategic position in the steel and coal industry, after a series of resolute action to capacity, the same recovery significantly. Recent SASAC stakeholders said that in October of this year, the iron and steel production capacity of the task has been completed 80%, the central enterprises have completed the task ahead of schedule. But it is worth noting that, due to the rise in the price of this round of industry is the result of more passive adjustment, rather than the demand to support the initiative to adjust, whether the subsequent excess capacity will return, it is difficult to judge. In the electrolytic aluminum industry, for example, non-ferrous metals information agency Anteko believes that the rising price of products driven by the industry in September this year, new, restart theory相关的主题文章: