Determined by the invited Darai Lama to visit the European Parliament delegation is called Sohu news [global times in France, Germany special correspondent Yao Meng Aoki Global Times reporter Lin Pengfei] "considering not to annoy Beijing", the French government "boycott" activities of the Darai Lama visit, to 17 day of the trip in France before the end of the day do not arrange any official reception. However, the European Parliament 15, but invited the Dalai Lama to visit the headquarters, and meet with the speaker. France 24 news television reported on the 16, China has reacted strongly to the European Parliament members postponed the visit scheduled for next week’s visit to china. Almost in invite the Dalai Lama at the same time, the European Parliament announced that the nomination was China to split the country and sentenced to life imprisonment Ilham Sakharov Spirit Award nominated 2016 year free. Chinese expert Sun Keqin 17, Global Times reporter, said the European Parliament in the relationship between China and Europe often play the so-called human rights guardian role. Although this approach has limited impact on European decision-making, but it will cause great harm to China EU relations. According to the European Parliament website news, should be invited by the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Darai, 15, arrived in Strasbourg, France, the headquarters of the European parliament. He met with speaker Schultz and made a speech to parliament. Agence France-Presse 16 reported that Darai in his speech called on the EU to Tibet on China’s constructive criticism". He claims he has retired, no longer in charge of political affairs, but still hope that the European Parliament members have the opportunity to talk with the Chinese leaders on the issue of Tibet. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Darai during a visit to the European Parliament after the end of the mainland to email notification to the European Parliament, in view of Schultz, regardless of China’s persuasion, insist on meeting with Darai, decided to postpone the trip to visit the mainland delegation. The European Parliament spokesman Gillot 16 to the U.S. News website "political" confirmed that indeed received notice of China missions in the European Union, said invited Darai to visit the EU against "a China" commitment, interference Chinese affairs also undermine the bilateral communication atmosphere. Central News Agency reported that the postponement of the European Parliament’s economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the original plan to visit Beijing and Shanghai, visit the Shanghai stock exchange, and visit the Ministry of finance. "France 24" news television commented that this is a significant pressure from china. Different from the practice of the European Parliament, after a lapse of 5 years to visit France again, and stay for up to a week of Darai, the French government did not arrange any official reception. Agence France-Presse said the French side is clearly taking into account not to annoy Beijing. French "Le Monde" to "by the government after the boycott, the Darai Lama in France show" reported that no official leaders, but Darai took every opportunity to expand the influence. 12, arrived in Paris, he was released on Twitter and former finance minister Ma Kerong, said, I saw a welcome face". 15, the European Parliament also announced the 5 Sakharov prize nominees, including in 2014 was sentenced to life imprisonment the original Minzu University of China teacher Ilham for secession. Final winners will be October 27th.相关的主题文章: