The renovation work with the decoration owners disappeared helpless alarm Beijing China – Jiangsu news network November 10th November 9th at 8 o’clock in the evening, the public Ms. Wang alarm, in Nanjing Pukou Pudong Jiahe Road No. 330, a decoration worker rented here with her prepaid decoration disappeared. Alarm police rushed to the scene soon, Ms. Wang saw an innocent, says he is in the north of the bridge to a house, through acquaintances found the decoration workers engaged in the decoration, also signed a simple agreement, good decoration according to several payments, but each time the renovation work in advance for money, not for a few days to say no money, no money is not done. Ms. Wang had to give him money, but required to write an IOU, even if the first time the end of lent him, according to the agreement. We can say, did not expect renovation work after getting the money, do a few days away, do not pick up the phone, feel that came to the door, then the police and she knocked on the door with no one answer, the police have been registered, then do further investigation. At the same time, the police also reminded the public that the decoration must find formal decoration company, or to good people, the details of the agreement must be written clearly, lest cause unnecessary trouble.相关的主题文章: