Press-Releases VANCOUVER, WA – A patient’s first visit often requires paperwork, which can often take up a large amount of time while in the waiting room. To help new patients receive more one-on-one time in diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Kristian Rapisarda, dentist in Vancouver, is excited to offer new patients the opportunity to download, print and fill out new patient forms prior to their first visit. A patient’s first visit to Dr. Kristian Rapisarda, Vancouver dentist, establishes a vital foundation for his or her future relationship with himself and his experienced dental team. During the first visit it is essential to obtain important background information, medical history, insurance information, and concerns in order to allow for time to get to know Dr. Rapisarda. By filling out new patient forms prior to their first visit, patients will ensure that more time is spent in treatment rather than on the necessary paperwork. "Filling out paperwork can require a lot of time when visiting for the first time. In order to help minimize the time needed for filling out paperwork, I am pleased to offer my new patients the opportunity to download, print and fill out the necessary paperwork prior to their first visit. This way I can ensure that more quality one-on-one time is spent in treatment rather than on paperwork," said Dr. Kristian Rapisarda, dentist in Vancouver, WA. From the practice’s homepage at .www.rapisardadental[dot]com, patients can gain instant access to the available new patient forms through the "New Patients" page. The available forms include Patient Registration, Medical History, Authorization for Release, and Acknowledgment of Receipt. Patients are encouraged to download, print and fill out these forms in order to expedite their first visit. Whether patients are in need of a routine cleaning or more complex procedures, such as Vancouver dentures, the new patient forms are available to help Dr. Rapisarda properly treat his patients. The "New Patient" webpage is also available to offer patients a way to understand what to expect for their first visit with Dr. Kristian Rapisarda, Vancouver, WA dentist. By reading through the available page, patients will find all of the practical information they need, such as a map and directions to Dr. Rapisarda’s office, practice hours, payment policies and more. The website also offers background information about Dr. Rapisarda and his team of dental professionals, and first visit procedures. To expedite first visits, patients are encouraged to print out and complete the available patient forms in advance of their appointment. Through the availability of these forms, Dr. Kristian Rapisarda, cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, further proves his continual dedication and commitment to providing his patients with the best in available dental care possible. About J. Kristian Rapisarda DDS, PS: Dr. Kristian Rapisarda is a solo practitioner in Vancouver, WA at his general practice, which was purchased in 2008. The practice itself has been providing dental care in Vancouver for over 30 years, with Dr. Rapisarda recently purchasing the practice to continue to provide the same superior dental health care for years to come. Dr. Rapisarda prides himself in maintaining a family practice with a personal touch. At his practice, patients are treated as if they are special and members of the family. Dr. Rapisarda graduated from the prestigious Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2005 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. He has worked as a dentist at Duvall Dental Center in Duvall, WA, and Round Round Rock Dental Center in Round Rock, TX. Dr. Rapisarda has also trained with some of the most prominent dental specialists, and continues to further his education by taking many post graduate courses and consistently participates in professional seminars. Media Contact: Dr. Kristian Rapisarda [email protected] [dot]com 718 NE 87th Ave Vancouver, WA 98664 (360) 256-2400 ..rapisardadental[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: