Business Do You Dare Throw Away the Script and Start a Conversation! By: Helen Robinson Stop the sales pitch and start talking and listening to your customer. Its an amazing feeling, says Helen Robinson, when you feel the rapport, that mutual trust youre building with the customer. My first experience in sales was in telemarketing. I was so scared that to this day I cant remember what I was selling. The sales trainer told me to read the script and all would be fine. I found a nice secluded corner desk where no one would hear me and dialed my first lead. I introduced myself and started to read the script I was given. I thought I was doing fine until the gentleman asked me a question. You cant do this to me; my trainer didnt say anything about questions; there are no questions in the script! Of course I didnt voice this out loud; I just broke out in a sweat, lost my place in the script and felt my throat closing. Since he had no idea who I was, thank heaven, I just hung up the phone. Silly wasnt I? At that moment I decided I needed a new mindset. The person on the other end doesnt know me. The only reason they will speak to me is because I sound warm, friendly and polite and if I ask a question, even a simple one, I will wait for an answer. Have you experienced the caller who asks how you are today and doesnt wait for an answer just starts reading some words on a piece of paper? Wouldnt it be nice to build up that trust and create a customer for yourself and the company you work for? You dont need a script. You should learn all you can about your company, the product or service youre selling before you pick up that phone. Try to be relaxed and get youre customer in the same mood. Heres one of my best examples of listening and I think one of my favorite moments on the phone. A business owner called asking for some information to be sent to him. I tried to get some information about his operation to start a conversation but thats all I could get was a yes or no answer. From the name of his business I realized he owned many pretzel concessions that were located in movie theaters, etc. I was listening to his tone and it seemed to me that he wasnt unfriendly, perhaps just shy or had a really bad day. He proceeded to give me his name, address and in the middle of this information, I asked, Do they come with mustard? The long silence was deafening. I said, The pretzels, do they come with mustard? He started to laugh and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I knew he would become a customer and he did. I looked forward to calling him for reorders and I really think he liked hearing from me. The moral of the story, believe in what youre selling, know your product and enjoy talking to your prospects. Relax and the orders will come. Helen Robinson was the VP of a large marketing firm employing more than 100 salespeople. Before retiring she managed a Human Resource company for an Industrial Psychologist, dealing with the hiring of sales people. You will find excellent articles such as 7 Ways to Cut Loose from Old Sales Thinking on her website at About the Author: 相关的主题文章: