Business Painting your house is a major part of maintaining the looks of your house and keeping it well maintained. Some of you hire a professional and spend hundreds of dollars for painting your house externally. Here are some tips which will save your money as well as give you a satisfaction from your paint job. The basic thing from where you should start your paint job is by cleaning the surface. You need to first remove all the dirt accumulated on the roof and other areas of your external walls. You will require a power washer for this purpose. You don’t have to purchase them as they are available in rents in any tool rental stores or at any hardware centres. Then secondly for washing your roof tops you will require a ladder and it can also be rented. The rental charges of ladder and power washer are 40 dollars and 100 dollars respectively. Cleaning of the surface is necessary so that when you paint, it does not stick with dirt on the surface. If paint and dirt gets mixed it will remove the effect of paint within 1 year and the paint will start peeling off. Before you start painting you should be aware of different types of paints and their effect on different surfaces. Depending on the surface at your home you can purchase the paint accordingly. Two major types of paints which you can use for painting your house are water- based which is also referred to as latex and solvent- based which is also called as alkyd or oil paints. The drying effect of oil paints is relatively slow as .pared to latex. It takes almost a day for the oil paints for drying. I would prefer you to go for oil paints because they are reliable even during summer season. This reliability you can’t expect from a latex paint. If you are considering painting your house from inside you can go for latex paints as it only requires water and soap while cleaning them whereas cleaning an oil paint you may require paint thinner or turpentine. Make sure you select paint of a good brand and check the qualities and ingredients of the paint. These qualities include colour retention, hiding power, blister resistance and chalk resistance. All the above qualities if checked properly, you don’t require to paint for another 4-5 years. After you are done with your painting jobs, it is necessary to give one final finishing touch so that it looks like a professional painter’s job. Proper finishing in your work will definitely give you a lot of praises from the guests who visit your place. Thus you can save a lot of expenses by painting your house by yourself and still get a good result. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: