This is an article on how an experience in training my dog taught me a huge lesson in business! Ok, Im really, really good at some things. Parenting, coaching, speaking/training. Even pretty good at singing….but when it comes to owning a dog, I have to give myself a B or maybe C+ in this area. Not that I dont care for my sweet pooch, cuz I adore her, but truthfully, I havent put the time in to train her to be quite as socialized as she should be. Maybe its because Im such a fierce advocate for bold self expression that I dont stop her from getting on the couch, sleeping in my bed, and wanting to be in everyones lap! Or maybe its that we got her as a VERY WILD rescue dog the month before my ex moved out and for that first year, lets just say that I didnt have the energy to put into getting her trained. Of course thats now been over four years, but whos counting?The funny thing? Today I have a great trainer who comes over a few times a month and works with Kailee. (Shes fabulous if you need a referral!) Heres how it goes.When Susan the trainer works with her, shes like a show dog. We have discovered that Im the problem. Since Kailee is so energetic, you cant just put a leash on her and take her out. Susan has a whole process of steps which serve to show Kailee who is in charge. Thats about 10 minutes in the house, and then ten more minutes zigzagging the cul-de-sac before the walk even begins. AHHHHHHHHHH….This is where my impatient never-mind-Ill-just-take-her-for-a-drive attitude comes in. A few weeks ago I was walking K-dog with Susan and was feeling really frustrated. She wasnt getting it and I was not having fun. No matter what I did, she wasnt settling down so I was working harder and harder and getting less than good results. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks…. This is the feeling that I used to have before I outsourced all the areas of my business that I dont like and Im not good at. I was having a de ja vu moment that all entrepreneurs go through when they hit the wall from not working in their strengths. With my clients and those I teach, I always talk about creating a business that you will love. And doing tasks that are not in your skill set will drag you down faster than anything. In that moment I knew why I was such a champion of outsourcing. In fact, I said to Susan, If this were my business, Id outsource this because its not fun, and Im not doing a very good job at it. Plus Im super frustrated! If it were a business task it would definitely be a thing to turn over to a trusty VA, dont you think? That was so powerful because truthfully I have such an outsourced business today, that there are very few things that I do that I dont love. So in that moment, I felt the pain that many of you may be going through if you dont have a team to take away some of the tasks that are dragging you down. Now lets fast forward. The next time Susan was over I proudly shared the parallel that dog training and delegation meant to me. And she had a brilliant response the deepened my entrepreneurial connection and understanding of what to give away. She said, "Yes Therese, you can outsource having Kailee exercised… But you cannot outsource being the leader. In that moment, it all shifted for me. I had recently watched a colleagues business almost go down the drain because this person didnt embrace being the leader when things got hard. And I realized that we are all at risk if we take this too far. Too often we get so good at and have such great results by delegating tasks, that this simple example with Kailee really showed me the downside to this way of being. We are over using delegation to not face the music or take personal responsibility when we use it to stick our heads in the sand and not have the courage it takes sometimes to be a powerful leader and work through the situations that are challenging. Lets break it down further…. Heres a list of things you can and should outsource: Marketing activities Sending out newsletters/articles Booking appointments/scheduling speakers Research Bookkeeping Social media content Client support Word processing/data entry Graphics/web design Copywriting Setting up teleseminars, events Follow up via cards, etc. Database management But this is what you absolutely cant give away: Being the leader for your team Speaking the truth when things are hard Creating the culture of your company and sharing that Visioning for the future Raising the bar for expectations Communicating whats real Taking responsibility the buck stops with you For me these are some pretty powerful distinctions. Leadership isnt easy at times. It takes courage. You may not be popular and loved by all. Yet there is no more important asset to you as a business owner. And I also know its like a muscle that you can work to strengthen. So thats my challenge to you this week. Look at the places in your business where there are opportunities to outsource, and then find more opportunities to lead. Whats gonna change in all of this? YOU! You will find strength in yourself you didnt know, and a resolve that will serve you well. Step up and step out! We need your gifts in the world. About the Author: Therese Skelly is a business coach, marketing strategist, and mindset expert who loves to show her clients how to own their brilliance and passion, then get it out in the world in a way that gives them a business they will love. Discover a simple, yet surprising secret to getting unstuck in your small business by visiting and signing up for her next free workshop. Article Published On: – Outsourcing 相关的主题文章: