Dongyu Zhou and little girls dressed by lead: Dongyu Zhou is a 90, in the entertainment circle is a typical small girl, but she is a very clever man, even if the figure is not high, also can wear tall enviable, let’s take a look at her dress. (source: Ruili nets) Dongyu Zhou navel blouse with high waist pants, this is the typical display of high collocation, feel the chest is full of legs. Dongyu Zhou attended the event wearing black slim skirt, with a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes, the moment tall up, dress is really sketchy! But Dongyu Zhou knee skirt is small, the best choice, with half a leg is very important legs, Dongyu Zhou waist black dress with white strappy sandals, with legs in a line, is slender and charming. Dongyu Zhou red carpet style split skirt sexy, but also in the vision for the people feel very tall, Dongyu Zhou jeans to choose a high waist style coat into your pants, figure perfect show, do not see she is short. Dongyu Zhou matures slowly toward her mature development, when the white skirt collocation nude heels, good visual elongated legs, collocation is really enviable. Not long ago, the fashion show was invited to the fashion show. Street beat street shoot her more fashion street fear.相关的主题文章: