Double curved screen is slag! Samsung Galaxy S8 –   digital concept map exposure Sohu; according to foreign media reports, Samsung Galaxy  S8; the preparatory work is currently being carried out in the production process in accordance with the previous mobile phone, Samsung has now to component suppliers under the orders shipped. Now there are enthusiastic users have been ahead of time to share the Galaxy  S8 latest renderings, directly to the hyperbolic screen design than down. Samsung Galaxy  S8; concept map exposure (picture from the Samsung Galaxy  S8 kkj); concept map exposure (picture from kkj)         the design of website in the eyes of S8 should be 5.5 inches without the frame design, the front glass hidden fingerprint recognition, rear dual camera, equipped with 10nm  Exynos  8895 or 830 snapdragon processor. At the same time, designers also hope that the color can be more lively, four new color is very bright.         earlier news, Samsung S8 launch time should be in early next year, but Samsung did not intend to advance the introduction of Galaxy  S8. In addition, this week suspected Galaxy  S8 publicity has also been exposed, which can see the words "Galaxy" and marked "8" number. Samsung S8 release will be MWC2017 years ago, that is, February 26, 2017. At the same time, iris recognition and flexible screen may be Samsung’s Galaxy  S8 a major selling point.         in addition, insiders, Samsung Galaxy  S8 smartphone will undergo significant evolution. This phone will cancel the Home key to become the first Samsung flagship without the Home key. Galaxy  S8 will be equipped with 4 cameras, an iris recognition camera and a front camera, the most surprising is the rear of the dual camera. Samsung Galaxy  S8 dual camera pixels even inconsistent, is a combination of 12 million pixels +1300 pixels, respectively, Samsung’s own production and OEM SONY camera.         Samsung Galaxy  S8 is equipped with 830 Xiaolong will use Samsung 10nm technology, have eight core. This includes four Kryo architecture core, the core of the four small, the highest frequency of 2.6GHz. It also ensures that Galaxy  S8 in the strong performance and endurance performance are also brisk. Equipped with 4K screen, one of the most important purpose is to make Samsung’s Gear  VR display effect is more outstanding.相关的主题文章: