The DPP cannot handle cross-strait relations have affected the local governance – Beijing, the DPP Hualian mayoral election defeat of the KMT, the DPP "legislators" in the online publication of "contempt voters" remarks, caused a great disturbance, Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" today commented that the DPP authorities cannot handle cross-strait relations, has affected local governance. DPP government ineffective policy to help the KMT, a helping hand". The Hualian mayor election DPP not only lose the performance, structure and character to lose more. The comment excerpts are as follows. In recent years, the size of the election benefited in every way in the DPP Hualian mayoral election defeat of the Kuomintang, lost power for 6 years the mayor of the throne. This is the DPP "hundred days policy" has been criticized as public opinion on the island which reflects the mood of the DPP voters dissatisfied with the policy. However, the DPP does not seem to have a DPP "legislators" published "contempt voters" remarks on the Internet caused a great disturbance, by netizens criticized the "can not afford to lose". The election wins or loses, the so-called "Yuandufushu", but the DPP voters of acrimony. The Hualian mayor election DPP not only lose the performance, structure and character to lose more. The DPP’s former mayor of Hualian, Tian Zhixuan died in May of this year, the city of Hualian on Saturday and held the mayor election. Although the city is a small city only about 100 thousand of the population, but the blue and green camps are riveting enough strength, especially public opinion as voters of the Democratic Progressive Party came to power after the "520" policy review, the DPP very careful. In addition, the political spectrum of the Hualian region has always been greater than the blue green, and Hualian is the DPP’s only green base in the region, but also to the DPP has no pressure to lose. Before the Democratic Progressive Party in Hualian City, the vote is difficult to more than 4 into, but the field in 2009 and in 2014, twice broke the blue blockade, to hold the city for the next six years in Hualian. The mayor election, the DPP had "re-election" advantage, but also played the "tragic brand", "Tian Zhixuan sent widow Zhang Meihui pinch", hoping to arouse memories of Da Tomonobu’s voters, but still lost the KMT candidate, lost in the Hualian region of the "beachhead", more upset two years after the Democratic Progressive Party to seize Hualian County plan. The Hualian mayoral election, the KMT party in power, the 97 year old former Pei premier Hau also went to the local election. The blue camp in unison, is certainly one of the reasons for victory, but the DPP policy ineffective, but also help the KMT "a helping hand". From the sides of the opening of mainland tourists travel to Taiwan, the beautiful scenery of Hualian will become a popular destination for mainland tourists. But because the DPP does not recognize the "92 consensus", greatly reducing the willingness of mainland tourists to Taiwan for sightseeing. "520" after the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan by less than 30%, Hualian is a disaster area, less than half the number of mainland tourists. The tour industry, catering industry, hotels and even pick up the main complain incessantly, individual taxi drivers complain less business 7. Thus, the DPP authorities can not handle cross-strait relations, has affected the local governance. As the saying goes "yiyezhiqiu.相关的主题文章: