Writing Submitting articles is a great way of driving more traffic to your website but this can only be possible if you know how to do things right. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website by Submitting Articles After writing an article, make sure to evaluate it using the following criteria listed below. If you miss any of the factors specified below, do not hesitate to rewrite it until you get everything right. Inter. readers are sometimes an unforgiving bunch and you usually have just one chance to convince them that your articles are worth reading. BRIEF An article can be more than one thousand words long but still appear brief. On the other hand, an article could be no more than three hundred words long but still appear tedious. The secret to writing brief articles is keeping your sentences short and punchy. Keep the paragraphs short as well. It is always better to write an article consisting of five short paragraphs than three long ones. COHESIVE An article is cohesive when facts are organized in a logical and easy to understand manner. A cohesive article allows a person to read from start to finish without pausing to analyze something. He could pause but just so he could chuckle. If your reader stops in the middle and appears confused, there is something wrong with your article. COHERENT Inter. readers like things simple. When we say you need to write a coherent article, it does not only mean providing a well written article. You have to make sure you stay away from big words and technical terms as well. Inter. readers usually skim articles first to gain an idea of whether they are worth reading or not. You have to make sure all your sentences are written as plainly and clearly as possible because you do not know which one of them would catch the reader eyes when skimming. VALUABLE OR INFORMATION DRIVEN Articles must always be packed with information. The details provided must be something that your readers are dying to know nothing more and nothing less. Information included in your articles must naturally be truthful, reliable, and objective. If your reader finds out that you have been simply using false claims and suppositions all along, you will lose that reader for good and word of mouth will be able to ruin your good name in a matter of time. INTERESTING Another challenging demand of Inter. articles is the need to make your work sound interesting. Even if you are writing an article about something as mundane as dog collars, you still have to make the topic sound as exciting as a Hollywood premiere. This takes practice and it is easy to go over the top. Humor goes a long way to make your article sound interesting. If that is not possible, you can also try changing the tone of your article and put a whole new light to the topic. VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE Lastly, an Inter. article must be visually attractive as well. If you are not providing articles in plain text, do not hesitate to use font colors and other styling effects to emphasize what needs emphasizing. Use capital letters sparingly.Also, if you have lots of points to make then consider providing facts in bulletin board forms or giving people a numbered list like 7 Facts about Me or 10 Tips about You. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: