Due to delays in the construction of BRT caused by traffic congestion Nanchang mayor apologized to the public – Sohu news on September 22nd morning, the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress and the Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress on the issue of urban management thematic inquiry. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC deputies and continue to "set", a number of departments "exam", asked Frank, a magnanimous. Nanchang traffic problem into maximum venue focus, asked out of the traffic signal lights and signs, mixed chaos, tail number limit line and other issues, at the Nanchang traffic sensitive nerve". According to the provincial people’s Congress Liu Xiqiu questioned the tail number limit line, Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Secretary Zhao Heping responded that the tail number limit line currently has three positive for Nanchang traffic, cancel the conditions are not ripe for the subway and elevated after completion, will be canceled. [about] why Castle Road traffic signs have to turn left. Right? After the start of the thematic inquiry, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee member Xiao Gen first question: how to regulate urban traffic lights, road signs management? He pointed out that several problems, such as Castle Road intersection of Sheshan are located on the right turn left to the Beijing East Road road; left turn signal lights is only 1, but there are 2 left turn lane, causing temporary vehicle lane change and the traffic violation; and some local road to advance the role of diversion etc.. Director of the Traffic Management Bureau of Nanchang City Public Security Bureau Zhao Heping responded, "the right lane Castle Road has left" situation, this is to set up the BRT Bus Rapid Transit lanes, through on-the-spot investigation and demonstration, turn left is located on the right, there is also the practice of some developed regions. He also admitted that due to objective reasons, Nanchang some auxiliary road is not wide, short driving distance, can not be a good diversion vehicles. [mixed] will add about 36 pedestrian interchange crossing facilities in the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee budget committee director Zhou Shanyin said Nanchang mixed chaos: "Nanchang police traffic police to maintain order, light weight management, strict law enforcement, motor vehicle light non motor vehicle management, there are mixed, cut off the serious problem of non city on the road." "I feel the same way." Zhao Heping said the mixed city expansion, both objective factors vehicles soared, and a series of comprehensive reasons. Nanchang has launched in July traffic regulation, mixed, cut is one of the key. Nanchang will be part of the non motor vehicle flow at the junction of additional non isolation barrier, no conditions set barrier road delimit separate non marking. At the same time, plans to add 36 non motor vehicle and pedestrian grade crossing facilities. Drunk driving on the implementation of drunk driving drunk driving remediation all-weather drunk driving, drunk driving is a serious offense, it is prone to major traffic accidents. How to strengthen the rectification, better maintenance of traffic order?" Zhou Shanyin throws the question. The Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director Wang Guoqiang said, our province drunk driving drunk driving has maintained a high pressure situation thorough investigation and severe punishment, remediation practices break the normal procedure to take the site transfer police, unified action, multi force joint training, cross regional business backbone selected to set up mobile enforcement teams and other forms, can effectively avoid the interference of law enforcement. Since May 1, 2011, the province investigated drunk driving.相关的主题文章: