Eat sweet potatoes, pickled vegetables have you tried? This duck’s egg yellow Douxiang – eat better than my yard and Sohu before wells squat beside a statue of the purple jar, this is my year in the kitchen. Remove the jar on the cement board, in brown soup soaked with radish, cabbage, watermelon, sweet potato, radish leaves, vegetables, these vegetables are soaked in brine into light brown. Pickled vegetables, is the child most often eat vegetables, usually the remaining leaves or roots easily thrown into the pickle jar pickled, is the best food daily. Pickles tank in these vegetables, is a favorite of pickled sweet potato. Pancakes, the marinated potato buried in a pile of firewood griddle cooked, peeled potato skins, salty and spicy sweet potato flesh biting a little sweet salty and spicy, like eating salted duck’s egg yellow. [material] sweet potatoes, salt, star anise, cinnamon, geraniol, caoguo 1, sweet potato washed dry water sediment. 2, recommended to choose red flesh or yellow flesh sweet potato, such sweet potato cooked taste soft and sweet. 3, water poured into the casserole, add star anise, cinnamon, geranium caoguo and other spices, transferred to salt. 4, open fire boil cool. 5, put the container into the sweet potato clean and free of water, pour the water into the cooked flavor. 6, in the shade preserved around January, pickled sweet potato roasted or cooked in the oven.   相关的主题文章: