Eleven west coast of Qingdao, how much fun do you know – Sohu travel to know a city, through the island, looking for the bustling, feel the original now. Qingdao is so familiar to us, its Ba Da Guan, its Zhanqiao and so on. Today, I want to say that you do not know the west coast of Qingdao. Bamboo Island in southern Qingdao, formed by volcanic eruptions, so far there is still a relatively intact crater. The rocks on the island are still filled with bubbles formed by volcanic eruptions and naturally formed silicon holes. Bamboo Island to go to have to ride a fishing boat in the past. The uncle is the guide to turn us to the island. Bamboo fork island has 300 years of pastoral history, there are more than and 100 families on the island, a population of more than and 560. Is a place without artificial carving, simple folk, primitive island scenery. This is also a paradise for children, they can come here camping, cooking. Summer camp starts here. If the summer is still hard to learn the child did not catch up here, then wait for the Mid Autumn Festival or eleven and mom and dad together. Can come here to eat seafood, fishing, fishermen’s life experience, can also with the fishermen along the sea fishing. September 1st is the beginning of the annual fishing season, when the seafood is full of fat crab crab. When the Mid Autumn Festival brought his family here to eat a feast of seafood feast is also a good choice. We take the children to the beach to play, in addition to the seaside entertainment, picking up shells may be the greatest fun for children. But picked up are often very ordinary shells, always feel like every time to pick up the beach, the children feel very boring. Is there a better place to go?! Of course, is located in Huangdao District of Qingdao Shell Museum here ah, but what kind of shells are, since ancient times, whether fossil or very high gold content of the shell, you can not think of not only you can’t see. Here is one of the best domestic shell museum. Here is known as the "king of seashells" one meter in diameter the giant clam, the smallest and lightest is only us chabay, need to use a magnifying glass to see the small sable, shape is round or flat, or as a fan, multi prismatic, irregular shape and texture; the wind must, leopard spot, peacock peacock; texture are Jasper, red agate, etc.. There are 450 million years ago from the Ordovician Nautiloid fossils. Qingdao Shell Museum is located in the west coast economic area of Qingdao City, Tang Island Bay, with shells as the theme, set shell research, collection, science education, culture and tourism as one of the private Shell Museum, an area of about 2600 square meters, and the largest beach T. Mainly by the shell specimens display area, shell viewing area, children’s interactive area, science area, shellfish product display area and shellfish research institute is composed of six parts, exhibition, the Atlantic, India Tibet from the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and five continents in more than and 60 countries, five classes, 262 families, 4260 species (conch shell) more than 130 species of shellfish samples and fossils, the number of collections and hardware facilities are the leading domestic level. As one of the main biological groups in nature, shellfish can!相关的主题文章: