Face high style super large space intermediate models recommended Phoenix car guide: Huizhou intermediate car opened up a face, is the first choice for many consumers Car Buying, and large space is one of the factors most concerned about the most Car Buying, choose a large space models, can not only meet the demand of the whole family to go out to play, and can satisfy their own on the face of the demand, the best of both worlds. Today, we will recommend 6 models of large space for intermediate cars, all of them have a relatively mature platform, cost-effective, reliable, suitable for those who are pragmatic home. Six super large space intermediate models recommended car manufacturers guide price highest preferential car Advisory 4S stores Ford 17.98-26.58 million 20 thousand Mondeo details inquiry 4008082020 turn 8383 Chevrolet car enough Mai Rui Bao details 16.49-19.99 million 28 thousand inquiry 4008082020 turn 8388 Volkswagen Passat car enough details 18.39-33.29 million 12 thousand 4008082020 8382 inquiry ample car TOYOTA Camry 18.48-32.98 details 28 thousand yuan 4008082020 to 8628 inquiry vehicle sufficient details Nissan Teana 17.78-29.98 million 16 thousand 4008082020 2170 inquiry vehicle sufficient mass CC details 25.28-34.28 million 25 thousand 4008082020 to 7156 cars are plentiful inquiry tab: Phoenix car models recommended: Ford Mondeo manufacturers guide price: 17.98-26.58 million 2013 Ford Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 extreme near Day, Phoenix car regional editor from Huizhou shenbiao special Ford dealer was informed that the shop has a large number of car models are cars in the sale, the main color to date mainly dealer. Car Buying can offer 20 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan big gift package. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below the specific price: Mondeo latest price change table price unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2013 1.5L GTDi180 comfortable type 17.98 15.98 inquiry 2 cars are plentiful 2013 1.5L GTDi180 fashion type 18.98 16.98 inquiry 2 cars are plentiful 2013 2.0L GTDi200 fashion type 20.28 18.28 2013 inquiry 2 cars are plentiful 2.0L GTDi200 luxury 22.28 20.28 inquiry 2 cars are plentiful 2013 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports 24.28 22.28 inquiry 2 cars are plentiful 2013 2.0L)相关的主题文章: