Facial contouring surgery and postoperative note – Sohu has a variety of standard health facial aesthetic evaluation method, which is one of the three court five, which can be vertically divided into 5 equal parts, each equivalent to one eye width can be divided into 3 equal horizontal. The three court can be divided into three chambers and three small chambers. Third: a court court is edge point to the brow; two is the point between the eyebrows to the nose under the court; three Court is under the nose point to gnathion. Three equal distance. The court: the court is a mistress of nasal bottom to mouth; two court is divided to mentolabial sulcus point; the three division is the mentolabial sulcus to gnathion. The three distance is also equal. In addition, from the side, the chin of the process point and tip point (aesthetic plane) through the lower lip of the process point in front of 1mm. Therefore, should be based on the above aesthetic standards, careful analysis, and then determine the specific surgical options. The aesthetic design of plastic surgery is not magic or clone, so we can not take sb as a template free production, if you want to own shaping up to be a star or idol, might never have on the shaping result disappointed. Plastic lower face wide can choose facial liposuction, botulinum toxin injection or reduced masseter mandibular angle reduction surgery, treatment of lower back will be significantly reduced, but the change is established on the basis of their original, for the United States should be compared to their previous face. A variety of facial plastic surgery 1 square face face comparison is relatively large, prominent mandibular angle, and may be accompanied by the chin is too short, in medicine called face syndrome, can use the masseter muscle and mandibular angle plasty and narrowing genioplasty to improve the symptoms. 2 a round baby face many face is due to the soft tissue (subcutaneous fat, muscle hypertrophy), buccal fat pad fullness caused by the operation and change the pure bone is difficult to achieve the desired shape change. For this kind of facial dressing, in order to achieve the ideal effect, often need to take comprehensive measures. The shape change of bones (mandibular angle osteotomy, genioplasty), facial liposuction, buccal fat pad and other means, can realize the transformation from face to face, the most suitable for the comprehensive use of minimally invasive surgery. 3 triangular face depression temple with following disc, filled with autologous fat transplantation, injection of hyaluronic acid, minimally invasive bone repair filling technology for plastic. 4 Diamond face showed temporal depression, chin is too long, too high cheekbones. The repair of bone remodeling technique. The graft can choose autologous fat particles, dermal or subcutaneous tissue and muscle, you can also use artificial materials such as skin filling agent hyaluronic acid, silicone prosthesis etc.. The lighter only defect with autologous fat injection or skin filling agent can, if the defect, requires surgical implantation of large autologous tissue or artificial materials, sometimes combined with surgery and injection of autologous fat two methods, in order to achieve a more realistic effect. Operation method for shaping face 1 zygomatic osteotomy and reduce grinding zygomatic lower early operation is reduced to reduce grinding, but this procedure does exist in the grinding degree is limited, is not easy to control the zygomaticofacial normal natural radian, and can not achieve the zygomatic arch constriction etc..相关的主题文章: