Fans dissatisfied with the country full fare is too high. We are not ma – Sohu News reported in October 6th, according to football, World Cup Asian zone 12 finals, China soccer team will play Syria in Xi’an, the Xi’an area basically completed the preparatory work, the site has been recognized by the national football coach Gao Hongbo and China football association. In March 29th this year, the 40 World Cup finals in the final round of group phase, 2 to 0 victory over Xi’an in Qatar, 47618 fans cheering for the Orangemen, the fans will certainly help beyond, but in the face of rising prices, the local fans have suffered troubles. At the 20 day of the press conference held on the spot, and even fans shouted: we are not ma! We’re eager to get into the stadium, but it’s not fair!" In the Iraq war Chinese fans in Xi’an do reception work China’s return to the World Cup Asian Zone finals, the China men shown great enthusiasm, but in September 6th there was a series of problems in the game after the first home court in Shenyang, the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center soft turf criticized by everyone, followed by the organizing committee in traffic such arrangement has become a focus of controversy. These problems after fermentation, quickly spread to the country second home court in Xi’an, and even rumors that Chinese team against Syria to move to other city held. For the Xi’an division of the preparatory work, Shaanxi Province Sports Bureau deputy director Dong Li said: "the body through the letter before the game field maintenance, turf quality and smoothness in full compliance with the requirements of events. Shaanxi provincial sports training center and the provincial training center by re dressing, turf condition is also good enough to meet the training needs of the two teams. In addition, we also put down public transportation and other related departments in the organizing committee, this coordination is very convenient, Xi’an Division will do all the service reception work, provide convenience for the fans." Gao Hongbo recognized the site atmosphere of Shaanxi province Stadium turf infield, the Provincial Sports Bureau attaches great importance, also some time ago from a Beijing company to repair on site for turf. The national football coach Gao Hongbo also specially on the night of 18 to take the high-speed rail to Xi’an, and on the 19 day morning rain site inspection, he told reporters, although for various reasons before the turf is damaged, but after the repair, Xi’an home court turf quality was able to meet the competition requirements. The first national team training camp in Wuhan, then two or three days before the game to Xi’an to adapt to the venue, all the work of the team are doing in order to win. Not only is the national football coach Gao Hongbo, China Football Association of Xi’an division of the atmosphere and the preparatory work is recognized, China football competition department minister Qi Jun said, as the main stadium of Shaanxi province stadium and training venues are planted in cold season turfgrass species, the previous period, Xi’an has just gone through the hot summer of August, causing some areas for turf "the level of occurrence of seedling blight and disease, lead to sparse, affect the quality of the site. After nearly more than and 10 days of emergency treatment, site related corrective measures on schedule, the current results are better. Qi Jun also praised: "Xi’an has a profound cultural background, have a good basis for the fans, this piece of land is the Chinese football football相关的主题文章: