Fantawild 11.11 monomer exclusive tickets allow you to find true love so easy- Sohu tourism do you look forward to such a person: happy when cheering for you, sad to accompany you through the winter, warm each other, spring flowers together, holding TA’s hand all the way to white? November 11th -11 month 13 days, special tourism resort will launch a special single off exclusive tickets, to help you find love, and Xiangyixiangwei without separation. Take off a single ticket, give you a reason to date TA in your heart is there such a person, want to chat with TA but don’t know what to say, want to meet with TA but no excuse? Special double 11 tickets buy a gift to give you a reason to date, to a proper extent. November 11th -11 month 13 days, painted singles in Qingdao Fangte Magic Kingdom, Jiayuguan Fantawild, Tai’an Fantawild, Ji’nan Fantawild spirit, and only need half price tickets for only 220 yuan, 2 people; Shantou Fantawild? Blue mercury network to buy full price tickets can enjoy a great discount. 180 yuan 2 people — 2 people together to hear who can offer, would you like to accompany me to play? Tianjin Fantawild will launch off the exclusive half price: 110 yuan tickets — even if you abuse the world thousands of times, we still like to be your first love. On November 11th, Wuhu launched the "Fantawild Fangte Magic Kingdom Halloween night single fooling around" concert: the mysterious demon phantom, ring-a-ding million ghost nocturnal zombies, shutter island…… Take you to experience "and other singles" ghost counterparts of the night. Wuhu special attention the official micro-blog, WeChat account, you can also participate in online activities, 200 single Carnival free admission places for you to take! Wonderful project, challenge to stimulate feelings of love without limit in addition to fares and activities in the park there are all kinds of special projects, let you show the charm of 360° MR.Right, MISS capture. If you love TA is a love of excitement, so you can enjoy the special, rapid happiness in the jungle dragon, the polar express, such as the eye of the storm on the roller coaster, can also demonstrate their courage and courage. May be just a few minutes of challenge, can let the beloved TA popularity rising off the single point the day and await for it. If you love TA is a very romantic person, so in the font, you can take TA Chinese read over four ancient classic love: the world’s largest holographic AR Theater project "," eternal love MR film technology to build the lifting type ball screen stereoscopic cinema "cowherd", a large MR Ride performing the project "," shock stage water overflows golden hill "Meng Jiangnu", let you feel personally on the scene for thousands of years the legend of love. You can be the most thrilling love story, and beside the TA with heart and heart’s distance. In the font, and romantic double horse, Fantawild castle and so on, when the dream of the project, the bright lights…… Make you like a princess, in the world of fairy tale kingdom, meet your true love. November 11th, hand chop as shopping!相关的主题文章: