Female white-collar workers a day of lipstick more than and 10 times the results of the lips were painted the autumn and winter weather is dry, not a girl’s Lip Balm away from the body every day from time to time to smear it, I do not know this will be detrimental to health. Recently, 23 year old female white-collar Shen Mengxi (a pseudonym) because of the frequent application of lip balm, lips are swollen. He lives in Wuchang Shen dream yujiatou, autumn and winter in order to prevent chapped lips, she specially store a few pieces of a well-known brand of lip balm. In recent days, the weather is dry, Shen Mengxi after drinking water, after dinner, after the toilet, even before going to bed at night, will be repeated smear, the number of times a day enough to have nearly ten times. But a few days ago, she found his chapped lips swollen, itchy skin around the mouth, quickly came to the city of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital Department of dermatology. The doctor has given anti allergic cheilitis, after treatment, her condition improved. Liu Xuemei, director of the Department of Dermatology, the hospital explained that patients with skin allergies and often apply lip balm has important relationship. She said, autumn and winter is the season of high incidence of cheilitis, more common in young women, mainly for the lips dry and peeling, redness, etc.. She reminded the public that the autumn and winter weather is dry, the public should usually drink plenty of water, to maintain a light diet, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, when you can wear a mask to go out, in order to keep lips moist. Such as the use of lip balm, to choose the regular brand, the number of daily use is best not more than 3 times, second times, third times in the smear, note that the clean towel to wipe the lipstick of the previous residue after daub, prevent the adsorption of dust entrance. If you apply lipstick or lipstick lips appear dry, peeling, tear, redness and other symptoms, should be immediately discontinued, and as soon as possible to the formal medical institutions for medical treatment. (reporter Zheng Jingjing correspondent Shi Weiwei) those who harm expert female supplies hidden on lipstick attention Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: