News-and-Society Fiinovation – The State government in Andhra Pradesh has set up an expert .mittee to explore the possibilities of establishing infrastructure for satellite based technologies to cover remote villages which have so far remained isolated due to difficult geographic terrains. And what is more .mendable is that the government is also mulling the role of satellite technology for promoting distance education[1]. Fiinovation – The concept of tele-education through satellite technologywas first tested in India during the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment(SITE) in 1975-76 and later through the INSAT or the Indian National Satellite System during the 1980s and 90s. SITE, which was conducted using the American Application Technology Satellite (ATS-6), beamed programmes related to topics on health, hygiene and family planning and is still termed as the largest and the most unique sociological experiment ever conducted on earth.The efficacy of tele-education was further demonstrated through the INSAT system which directly telecasted various educational programmes. The INSAT system created the need for a dedicated satellite technology system exclusively for the Education sector and led to the conception of EDSAT by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in the year 2002. EDUSAT began its journey by etching a success story in the tribal dominated areas of Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka. Fiinovation – Satellites can undoubtedly be hailed as the most effective mechanism to bridge the huge gap in the educational system that exists between urban and rural areas. And this particularly holds true for a country like India where difficult geographic terrains, diverse socio-cultural conditions and lack of physical infrastructure, act as barriers to quality education. Tele-education through satellite technology can cut across geographic barrier and deliver high quality localized content- which can counter the problem of socio-cultural barriers. All this can only be achieved through establishment of satellite receive terminals. Satellite technology not only bridges the gap between large number of rural and semi-urban educational institutes with lack of infrastructure and well equipped urban educational institutes imparting quality education, but also facilitates non-formal education, one of the many fields in the development sector in which Innovative Financial Advisors Ltd. is engaged in. Apart from imparting academic or professional education, satellite technology has immense potential in transforming the lives of the rural population by telecasting well-conceived programmes which can promote sustainable development, an area in which Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. has huge expertise. With the successful launch of Mangalyaan, India has joined the League of Nations .prising the United States, Russia and European nations. Government taking cognizance of the huge potential of satellite technology in the field of education, builds hope that the ailing education system in India is set for a radical transformation, placing it at par with the developed nationswith respect to HDI indicators. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: