Former French President Jacques Chirac to stay in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia: Health times red – Sohu news Beijing, September 22,   according to foreign media reports, the former French President Chirac cited health care, but the Chirac family has just confirmed that Chirac is in the hospital to continue treatment. Chirac’s hospital continues routine treatment of pulmonary infection. Chirac’s family hopes the outside world to respect the quiet treatment of the environment and the quiet family of Chirac. Chirac was elected president since 1995 and was reelected in 2002. Chirac’s term of office expires in 2007 left the presidential palace, the health of a number of red light and repeatedly hospitalized. The most recent hospitalization was the treatment of a hospital in Paris on Sunday. Chirac hospital after treatment of the news rarely reported, according to Agence France-Presse quoted Chirac’s son, said the lake, the hospital to take measures to eliminate lung inflammation. Chirac and his wife Bernard Dieter was on vacation in Morocco died of lung inflammation and with a day early to return to Paris in the hospital. Chirac is an emergency hospital treatment with a doctor’s advice. The French so far no news reports of Chirac serious illness or dying. But various news reports that Chirac’s body was visibly weakened. To the hospital after the news that Chirac is still conscious. According to Chirac Hospital experts report, pneumonia in elderly patients are common, and there are multiple infection cases. Pneumonia threatens elderly patients with complications of infection, seriously affecting the health of patients. Chirac in 2005 had a cerebral thrombosis occlusion of health accidents, and in the same hospital. Chirac after hospitalization, all walks of life in France, former president and former president’s family condolences. Condolences to the political position of almost no party, expressed concern about Chirac. Chirac’s last official appearance, November 21, 2014, Chirac attended a formal ceremony, but he entered the hall in the guard’s arm, apparent physical weakness. Chirac, named after the launch of a major exhibition at the Oceania Museum of Africa and Paris, said Mr. Chirac was not present for health reasons. Chirac has been in politics for decades in France, has long served as mayor of Paris, and served as prime minister and minister in a number of presidential terms. Chirac was elected president in 1995. Chirac’s decision to reject President Bush’s war in Iraq in 2003. Chirac on suspicion of false employment for party and the long-term subject to judicial investigation by Chirac is the first president after the abdication of judicial judgment. But in 2011 the court ruled that Chirac had been allowed to be absent for health reasons.相关的主题文章: