Fresh is so capricious, yam soup to eat dried bamboo shoots – Sohu was a layer of cold rain, here the day also feel an invigorating autumn climate have not had enough of that side of the car and the frost so imperceptibly, Time will not wait for me.! Ha ha ~ ~ it is no wonder that 11 of the ads have been overwhelming, this winter will be far behind? The past few days with rain, because they do not love rainy walk farther pants shoes dirty way, there have been several days did not run the market, but in the home reserve is adequate, not hungry, this is not from the refrigerator and found a bag of frozen pork, dried bamboo shoots and collocation some yam stew soup out of the pot before, then sprinkle some chopped parsley, is very perfect! Ingredients: pork, dried bamboo shoots, crisp onions, ginger, yam sauce: cooking wine, salt, sugar, chopped parsley production methods: 1, pig completely thawed into the pot, add cold water before the ingredients, then add a little rice wine and ginger, boil, blanch for 2 minutes; 2, the pig warm boiled water wash; 3, pig into the rice cooker, add warm water before ingredients, scallion and ginger into the soup, start the program (no soup program start cooking program); 4, dried bamboo shoots into shreds, rinse with water after boiling water soak; 5, crispy yam peeled and diced; 6, cooking or soup the end of the program, will do the same global water bamboo dried bamboo shoots together with the rice cooker, and then add the sliced yam, start cooking program, boiled taste it Add seasoning, salt and sugar, boiling for 15 minutes after the end of the program, out of the pot before then sprinkle a little chopped parsley. I usually use tiegun yam to stew, crisp to cooking, but this time to use crisp yam to stew, it is proved that this is a good try, crisp taste of yam stew or crunchy, and add the dried bamboo shoots stew out of the soup, fresh is so capricious, authentic delicious Oh ~ ~ who knows who drink small tips: 1, dried bamboo shoots itself is salty, so be careful with salt; 2, crispy yam used to stew, stew time should not be too long, to join again after the pork cooked, such products taste or crisp. Love Anna delicacy pro, you can subscribe to the media publications, Xinyi delicacy! Mobile browser ing, anytime, anywhere to see…… Method 1: search for "Xinyi delicacy" subscription in the Sohu news client; method 2: use the WeChat mobile phone subscription sweep.相关的主题文章: