Friday: Aya SMG 009 yellow body or stop Friday 009 Lianping Sochaux B VS Ajaccio 2016-09-24 02:00 Sochaux Montbeliard, venue: Bonnard stadium weather conditions: 17 degrees: a recent Sochaux Sochaux round continue to maintain a continuous draw in and pull Valle in the game, the road with Andrea seema Sochaux a goal at the end of the game to tie the game, scored 1 points away. But always get 1 points to keep the position of the predecessor is completely insufficient, Sochaux current 12 points, ranking has dropped to fifth place. Andrea Bruno continue to maintain a good state, individual goal has reached 6, and Aliwei tied for first scorer position. But over reliance on the striker Sochaux play, only a handful of other players scored 3, so if the West was the other players Andrea press, Sochaux attack may be blocked. The last six games, Sochaux made 1 wins 5 flat, the home court 1 wins 3 flat home court, scoring 5 goals and conceding 3 goals. Ajaccio situation: Aya experienced three greatly, the last round in their home court had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. But the match is the poor performance of Auxerre, in fact win for Aya is granted. The opening is only two minutes, Lorient transfer to Jiakepa had opened the scoring for the team. Ma Azu Vincent assist in the second half of the icing on the cake, Aya 2 to 0 victory over lowly home court, get three points. Aya points to 11 points, ranking in the standings of the position of eighth. The coach is very satisfied with the performance of the players in the game, especially the. He has played eight games since his move to the club, which was the first time he scored a goal for the team. The coach thinks he is a more talented players, before the Lorient race time is not enough, he said the young striker will give more time. The last six games, Aya scored a total of 2 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses, including a total of 1 draws and a loss of 2, scored the goal of the game, lost 5 goals. Game Analysis: four games the last two seasons, Sochaux have absolute advantage, made 3 wins and 1 draws. Aya has now begun to appear troubled by the yellow card players, such as team captain Cavalli, he in eight games have to eat 3 yellow cards, then to two he was suspended, the game’s performance is bound hands and feet. This field to compensate Sochaux below 2 of the index, with a certain confidence in the team. And the two teams before the clash also shows the advantages of sochaux. The field recommended wins, scoring 1,2. Lineup: Forecast (4-2-3-1): prevo Sochaux, guibaud, Tyco, Ougenei, Iran, Lima, Alphonse Hallett, Robbie Fushi, Hunuola, tal, Andrea Sima A Jacques Seaan Deyo (4-2-3-1): Mandanda, Pierre, Charlie, Richchi, Lippi, Vladimir Cisse, Bo Abel, Cavalli Gil, AK, Nouri Jiakepa, Ma Azu,相关的主题文章: