Guangdong Guangdong Environmental Protection Agency: the majority of key pollution sources did not significantly affect groundwater – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Guangzhou Xinhua (Cheng Jingwei Zhang Qiming) 25 reporters from the Guangdong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, according to the official investigation and assessment of Guangdong, in addition to individual key pollution sources of groundwater monitoring sites have individual characteristics of pollutants detected or exceed the standard, most the key sources of pollution caused no obvious effects on the regional groundwater, and key sources of pollution do not exist in the surrounding groundwater for drinking water. It is reported that the amount of groundwater resources in Guangdong, the total amount of more than 40 billion cubic meters of groundwater resources. Guangdong provincial CPPCC members Wu Musheng said in the proposal at the beginning of this year, with the rapid economic development, Guangdong drinking water source pollution from point to plane, from shallow to deep, from city to countryside construction continue to expand. Wu Musheng suggested that Guangdong accelerate the establishment of underground drinking water source protection areas, strengthen the construction of groundwater pollution prevention and control system. Guangdong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau will be the Provincial Department of land and resources, water resources, health and Family Planning Commission and other units to respond. Guangdong provincial environmental protection department, said the city of Guangdong centralized groundwater sources are mainly concentrated in Zhanjiang, water from the deep confined water, according to years of monitoring, water supply wells water intake water quality compliance rate was 100%. According to reports, Guangdong in recent years to strengthen the groundwater environmental monitoring, as of the end of 2015, the provincial department has established a groundwater monitoring point 471, a total of 16 monitoring areas including monitoring of Guangzhou Guanghua basin, Foshan City, Zhaoqing City, Shenzhen City, Zhanjiang City, Maoming City, Yangjiang City, Shaoguan City, Chaozhou City, Jieyang City, Meizhou City, Heyuan City, Huizhou City, Jiangmen City, Shaoguan and Qingyuan areas in northern Guangdong karst area, Leizhou Peninsula, involving 15 cities, monitoring a total area of 37713 square kilometers, accounting for the province’s total land area of more than 20%. Guangdong next step will promote the establishment of the province’s unified groundwater quality monitoring network and information dissemination platform. Guangdong provincial environmental protection department said, natural environmental background effects on Guangdong groundwater quality of Zhanjiang City, iron, manganese, pH (hydrogen ion concentration) and the high value, the Pearl River Delta, Hanjiang River Delta belongs to alluvial plain, fertile soil, groundwater ammonia background value is higher, the existence of the phenomenon of iron, manganese, fluoride due to the geological background of super class III water quality standard parts. (end)相关的主题文章: