Harbin Hulan district will build second sewage treatment plant a total investment of 120 million yuan Jin Biao news (reporter Gao Hongfei) recently, Harbin environmental protection publicity "the old city of Harbin city Hulan second sewage treatment plant construction project environmental impact report table". The report shows, the old city of Hulan second sewage treatment plant project is located in the south of the city, the old city of Hulan to the East Yongxing village, the new embankment on the north side of the Hulan River, adjacent to the existing sewage treatment plant. Covers an area of 30000 square meters, with a total investment of $120 million, is expected to be put into operation by the end of next year. It is understood that the Hulan District in 2010 to start the construction of sewage treatment project, so far, Hulan District sewage treatment plant has been completed, in the stable operation stage, while in the township in the main street has laid drainage pipeline. Although the construction of drainage facilities to a certain extent, alleviate the drainage problem of the old city of Hulan, so that the surrounding environment has been improved. But in recent years due to the speed of development of urban construction, and the exposed part of the drainage capacity of facilities is insufficient, the existing sewage treatment plant processing capacity is insufficient, part of the new development area without drainage facilities, many problems in city construction influence. Therefore, the relevant departments of Hulan District, Harbin City, the old city of second sewage treatment plant project in the old city of. The project conforms to the national industrial policy; the project is in Harbin District of Hulan. EIA report that, from an environmental point of view, after the implementation of various pollution control measures to ensure that all pollutants discharged under the premise of compliance, Hulan district will build second sewage treatment plants in the construction of the feasibility.相关的主题文章: