Henan Gushi a student is the reply to sign the agreement to solve the China brawl youth network October 8 Beijing Xinhua (trainee reporter Wu Yang Li Yongpeng) recently, Gushi County of Henan Province, a campus violence caused social concern. According to previous posted in a 1 minute video display, a dormitory students on a white coat students brawl, 1 minutes played 3 climax, seven or eight students together and will be the 2 time the cuff and kick, thermos bottle pound hit boy, even the boys continued to beat the belt. October 7 media reports, the incident caused widespread concern. In the previous report, insiders said that the school violence was caused by beaten children from the bench, and a girl was hit by a bench. The girl’s boyfriend vented her resentment on the beaten boy. In October 8th Chinese youth network reporter saw an inscription that Lin Chen Zhen 1 junior middle school, which is called " September 29, 2016 morning recess, nine (2) class X and the class Liu Li CH jokes cause conflict at 12:10, Lee ordered X classmate Yang C (accomplice Liu CH) to the bedroom, was waiting there, Li X, Wang PC and other classmates gang fights for a minute, the Yang Chao ordered the week J recorded video, to the students, to the video spread, this incident led to Liu CH suffered multiple bruises, black eyes, October 1st to the hospital to check, no right, the school is under investigation. " " schools will rally students, invite judicial, legal personnel to proofread students for legal publicity " in October 8th, China Youth Network reporter contacted the Gushi County Education Bureau staff, the staff said unclear specific circumstances. Reporters in accordance with the phone provided by them, linked to the incident Chen Linyi, President Xu Gangjian said, "things happen, the school has an inescapable responsibility.". At present, the mediation has been completed by the public security organs, and both parents are satisfied with the mediation of the public security organs. The beaten students and their parents have apologized to the boys who were beaten. The boys who have been beaten back to school are receiving psychological counseling at school. The school adjusted the class and changed the environment. For hit students, the school will do further processing, for the serious circumstances of the students, schools and parents should sign a discipline management agreement, joint management of students. The president did not disclose details of the agreement to reporters.

河南固始一学生被同学群殴 校方回复签协议解决 中国青年网北京10月8日电(见习记者 吴阳 李永鹏)近日,河南省固始县一件校园暴力事件引起社会关注。据此前网贴中一段1分钟的视频显示,一宿舍内多名学生对一白色上衣的学生进行群殴,1分钟内打出3次高潮,七八名学生一起拳打脚踢,并2次将暖水瓶砸向被打男生,甚至用皮带持续抽打该男生。10月7日经媒体报道,该事件引起广泛关注。在此前报道中,知情者称,该校园暴力事件起因是被打的孩子躲过飞来板凳,而一名女生则被板凳砸到了。女生的男友就将怨恨发泄到被打男生身上。10月8日中国青年网记者看到一份落款为陈淋子镇第一初级中学的情况说明,其称"2016年9月29号上午课间,九(2)班学生李X和本班学生刘CH开玩笑引起矛盾,中午12点10分,李X指使同班学生杨C(帮凶)把刘CH约至寝室,被等候在那里的李X、王PC等同学群殴一分钟,整个过程被杨超指使的周J录下视频,传至学生群,致视频流传开来,本次事件导致刘CH身上多处淤青,眼角青黑,10月1号到医院检查,暂无大碍,学校正在进一步调查。","学校将对学生进行集会,邀请司法、法制人员到校对学生进行法制宣传",10月8日中国青年网记者电话联系了固始县教育局的工作人员,工作人员称不清楚具体情况。记者按照其提供的电话,联系到了事件发生的陈淋一中,校长徐刚建称,事情发生学校有不可推卸的责任。目前此事经公安机关调解已经完结,双方家长对公安部门的调解比较满意。打人的学生和家长已经向被打男生道歉。被打的男生已经康复返校,正在学校接受心理疏导。学校为其调整了班级,换一个环境。对于打人学生,学校将做进一步处理,对于情节严重的学生,学校要与家长签订纪律管理协议,共同管理学生。校长未向记者透露协议的细节。相关的主题文章: