How long will it take for humans to contact aliens? To 1500 1500 human needs to contact aliens in Western media said that statistics show that if there is extraterrestrial life, humans may experience 45 generations to establish contact with. According to the Spanish "Vientiane" monthly August article said, Evan · Solo Moni Des is a rich imagination of College students. When he was 18 years old, he invented a kind of biodegradable plastic in his kitchen. This is a good insulating material, but also of great significance to the protection of the ecological environment. Now 19 years old, he was a student at Cornell, is still facing great challenges, even as the earth in front of him seems to have become very small. The article said that Solo Moni Des will look to the outside of the solar system of various objects, he turned on the computer, came to a surprising conclusion. If life is not only the inhabitants of the earth, then in the long history of the Milky way, I am afraid that there will be about 210 kinds of wisdom that can communicate with humans through technology. It’s really not news for humans. But if one of the neighbors of the Milky Way decided to test the human race, that would be the case after 1500. It’s really disappointing! The distance of the article said, Solo Moni Des students seriously the possibility of two pieces of ordinary people may have only seen in the movie things out for computing technology: species frequency and time in the universe, they may start a communication signal to the space. The radio signal of human into space only arrived at the Milky Way line less than 1% of the space, combined with the fact that Solo Moni De’s calculated human contact occurs with extraterrestrial life time. The most important conclusion he draws is that it is possible to establish a connection with the potential of higher intelligent aliens when communication technology has evolved to transmit signals to about half of the stars and planets in the Milky way. And it may take 15 centuries, or 45 generations, to determine whether the spiral galaxy is a lonely life. In his research, Solo Moni Des questioned the possibility that aliens are now aware of the signals that humans have made. He said in a research report, "we clearly demonstrated that radio signals emitted by humans only reach 80 light-years from the sun, receive the signal of the planets and stars is not enough to meet our expectations". The most curious is whether the aliens heard the signal of the human body, whether it has been decoded, whether or not to respond. Can not be called paradox paradox article said, Solo Moni Des in June at the 228Th meeting of the American Astronomical Society introduced his theory. This theory has not aroused the interest of the academic community, because he denied the previous aliens on the earth to send a strange signal all the speculation. However, this study is the most noteworthy point is that it proves half a century ago by the American physicist Enrico · the "Fermi Fermi paradox": if the aliens really exist, where are they? Why human beings have not received any such civilization相关的主题文章: