How much pain in pregnant women? Sohu production of pregnant women divided into maternal cesarean section and vaginal delivery in two ways, also known as the birth, this is the natural process of production. Caused by uterine contraction and tension and fear of childbirth pain of childbirth pregnant women on birth to flinch, have chosen cesarean section. But we have to admit that the birth is conform to the laws of nature, the maternal postpartum recovery and the baby body are very good mode of production. How to reduce maternal pain during childbirth is also a topic that doctors have been exploring. With the development of medicine, the birth of analgesia labor. Analgesia childbirth: generally can be divided into two categories: non drug analgesia and drug analgesia. Non drug analgesia tension, anxiety and fear of the mental state, induces a series of neuroendocrine reactions, the adrenal cortical hormone, cortisol, catecholamines, endorphin concentrations associated with pain increased, aggravating the pain response. The implementation of paternity, can reduce maternal psychological sustained comfort and emotional support, so as to shorten the birth process, reduce postpartum hemorrhage, enhancement of pain tolerance, decrease the incidence of neonatal asphyxia. The advantage of non pharmacological analgesia is no side effects, but the analgesic effect is not ideal, so it is not widely used in clinical practice. Drug analgesia or narcotic drug analgesia or anesthesia that is, through the drug anesthesia for women, in order to reduce the pain of childbirth. Drugs are divided into many kinds, regardless of how the method will have certain indications and contraindications, mothers need prior to the onset of labor, according to their actual situation, and to communicate with doctors, for their analgesic method. Exercise during pregnancy ramaze breathing breathing exercises in many prenatal gymnastics training class, most of the time to learn how to relax the body and grasp different breathing methods. Breathing can be different in different time of delivery in the help you relax, save energy, and then control your body, inhibit the pain when breathing the nose, the lower you can feel the lungs full of air, the lower edge of rib cage expansion outward and upward, then, with the mouth slowly and deeply will exhaled breath. This produces a calming effect, which is ideal for the beginning and end of the contraction of the uterus. Shallow breathing only inflated the upper part of the lungs, so that the upper and lower ends of the chest will rise and expand. Breathing should be plump and short, lips slightly open, through the throat gas inhalation. Take a shallow breath about 10 times and then take a deep breath, and then take the next 10 breaths. This way of breathing can be used when the uterus is at its height. The easiest and most effective method of superficial breathing in frequent labor pains is superficial breathing, similar to wheezing. Imagine the process of breathing – breath blowing ". Before the cervix is fully open, in the transition to stop the application of abdominal pressure, in order to prevent hyperventilation, you can breathe 10 to 15 times, and then hold the breath count of 5. Should prenatal breathing will remember, and a lot of practice. It is best to have a father with practice,…相关的主题文章: