Home-Improvement Omega 350 VRT is a new heavy duty vertical juicer with durable GE ULTEM auger. This model is ideal for people who are serious juice lovers and who need juice all the time. This juicer uses less counter space and is easier to clean. This centrifugal juicer .bines with the efficiency and high quality juice of a single auger masticating juicer, thus making it all in one juicer. Omega 350 Vert juicer chews the food and squeezes out the juice to minimize oxidation and heat. This juicer can be used to make juices from carrots, spinach, celery, wheatgrass, apple, kale, orange, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and many others. Juices can be extracted from pin needles and aloe too which is less obvious. The low speed helps in getting a pure and nutritious juice from it because oxidation and heat is less in Omega 350 juicers. Due to its vertical design this juicer is very easy to clean by flushing it with water just in 2-3 minutes. How Omega 350 better than Omega 330 and Hurom and Oscar brands available in the market? The basic functionality of all these models is same as they all operate in the same manner keeping apart some minor things. Oscar is an expensive model and is less available in the market (USA). Hurom juicers bear less warranty 1 year for body and 10 years for motor. The Omega 350 and 330 have 10 years warranty on the full machine. Basically Omega 350 is identical to Omega 330 model but they have added a new black and chrome design colors. The Omega 350 Vert machine also includes a new heavy duty screen which is tough and long lasting which is re.mended for the juice loving people who want to have juices every day and frequently. Also Omega is a big brand which has been over 30 years in the business of juicers. They are settled in the field of juicers and have gained a good market reputation making efficient and durable juicers for all needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: