A wedding or anniversary is a time to celebrate and be joyful, but it can also be time to get creative and personal with your cross-stitch craft. A wedding is something the bride and groom will want to remember for the rest of their lives, so why not give something that comes from your heart so they can always have that special reminder. You can give them the gift on the wedding day or even years later on a special anniversary. Make It Personal When deciding to celebrate weddings and anniversaries in cross-stitch you can enjoy the ease with which you can personalize the craft. It is easy to add dates and names to just about any cross-stitch project. Find a design that represents their wedding day and add simple wording with their names and the date of the wedding. You can also add other information like where they were married or the children they have had over time. Common Themes Using the same theme and colors of the wedding is most popular when creating cross-stitch wedding gifts, however you are not limited to those colors or themes. Sometimes you can just use colors found in the home or office. If you are a skilled cross-stitch designer, you might be able to create a copy of the invitation into a cross-stitch design. One great theme for an anniversary gift is a family tree. After a couple has children and grandchildren, a cross-stitched family tree can bring a lot of joy and togetherness to a couple and their family… which of course becomes of an heirloom if so wished. Project Ideas for Cross-stitched Wedding and Anniversary Gifts: Framed Art The family tree gift for an anniversary is a great idea for a framed art cross-stitch project. Offering the couple a piece of art that looks beautiful hung up on a wall is an excellent reminder of their special day. Photo Album Oftentimes the bride and groom end up with a lot of photos. You can create a handmade photo album by using your cross-stitched design on the front. This is also a good project for a couple’s anniversary, because they can put pictures they have taken together through the years in the pages of the scrapbook. Sign-In Book At the wedding or anniversary party, guests usually sign in on a guestbook. Instead of the couple having to buy a generic book at the store, why not create your own cover for the sign-in book using a personalized cross-stitch design. Garter "Something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new" is an old traditions at weddings. You can create a garter from a cross stitch project making it much more personal to the couple. Handkerchiefs Another tradition at weddings is to offer the bride a handkerchief. You can find handkerchiefs to stitch on initials and the date of the wedding. They are also a nice gift to give to the groom. Headband Many brides wear a headband at either the ceremony or reception. You can use your cross-stitch skill to create an attractive cover for a headband. Ring Pillow The ring-bearer’s pillow is also a fun way to incorporate your cross-stitch ability into a wedding. You can stitch a beautiful wedding design onto the pillow that the ring bearer will use to carry the wedding rings to the altar. Quilt If you possess both the ability to cross-stitch and sew, this is an excellent keepsake for a wedding or anniversary gift. You can cross-stitch some squares to use on the quilt to make it personal and cozy. Wall Hanging Like the framed art, creating a wall-hanging is a nice way to remember the couple’s special day while having something nice to fill that empty space. Keepsake Box Every couple has items from their marriage that they want to keep in a safe place. There are keepsake boxes available that allow you to put your cross-stitch fabric across the top or in a frame on the top. These boxes are particularly useful for storing the smaller items retained from a wedding. Cross stitching a gift for any anniversary, whether one year or seventy-five, is a great idea. Anniversaries come in many different forms, and there are numerous occasions, other than wedding anniversaries, which you can celebrate that are so special… Buying your first home, recovering from a life threatening illness or finding remission from illness, becoming a mother, grand parent or a great grand parent, adopting a child, or winning an award through work or lifetime achievement are all days that too often go unnoticed and can warrant a special gift that really comes from the heart; a cross stitched personal piece of art. About the Author: John Wigham has been a professional author and editor for 20 years and is a co-founder of ..patternspatch.. an online cross stitch club dedicated to counted cross stitch. The website has a small team of writers who are passionate about cross stitch and enjoy writing about their hobby. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: