Newly Elected Happiest Place On Earth, Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale Is Certainly Benefiting Posted By: Elizbeth Burnes Costa Rica has been elected Happiest Place on Earth for the second year in a row by the NEF and HPI (Happy Planet Index). A combination of family principles, education, medicare and higher standard of living through green cognizance, these are typically some of the things that make Costa Rica a stand apart in the international community. Some of the things in the research – released yearly – are points like life span, well-being, health care, schooling and an all-around ecological impact of the country. Ecology and ecological awareness are two things associated with Costa Rica. As a strong country, Costa Rica sets the bar high for additional Central American countries as it has a long standing peaceful prominence and an exceptional social network that help make Costa Rica be noticed through out Latin America. Never being one to follow the pack, Costa Rica disbanded it’s army in the late 40s to reroute the budget savings in to an exemplary healthcare system and modern academic field. The region, commonly known as the Switzerland of the Americas, has come to be a global leader in eco-tourism and is considered one of the top travel getaways on the planet.

real estate in Costa Rica Precisely What Really Is The Draw To Costa Rica Real Estate? Posted By: Christa Herrick For the 2nd straight year, Costa Rica has topped the list revealed by the New Economics Foundation that rates the planet’s most satisfied countries. A blend of family values, education, health care and higher standard of living through eco cognizance, these are definitely some of the things that make Costa Rica a stand apart in the international forum. The research, released on an annual basis, are a world-wide review of life-span, bionomical footprint and each country’s population life experience of health and wellbeing. There’s no question that Costa Rica has a notoriety around organic lover circles, however this nation definitely is not a one trick pony with the governance all the way down to the residents, having an ecological consciousness. With a past Nobel Peace Prize earning president, Costa Rica sets an example amongst other Latin American regions in Central America and this gives it’s residents the faith in their nation which adds clearly to all-around moral. Without an army since the late 40’s, Costa Rica has instead taken the excess in resources and invested it in a world class education system and an excellent social security system.

Costa Rica Real estate Costa Rica News Posted By: Brice de Ganahl Issue 1: New International Airport for Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister In this first issue of the Land Assurance Newsletter, we report briefly on the plans to build a new international airport in the southern Zone near Palmar in Osa County Issue 2: All About Costa Rica’s Maritime Zone Law, by Timothy Woodruff This article describes the rules, including the pitfalls, associated with this widely misunderstood and vitally important law. The bottom line is do not buy land in the 200 meter Maritime Zone of Costa Rica without the all-important concession unless you are willing to take a big risk. Issue 3: Plans to Pave The Quepos-Dominical Part of the Coastal Highway in Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister The planned 2007 completion date for the paving of the Quepos-Dominical part of the Coastal Highway mentioned in this article clearly was not met. On the other hand, the road is definitely being prepared for pavement and the badly needed bridges are going in. Anybody care to bet that paving at least gets started in 2008?

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