Hubei environmental protection issued public affairs program   expand public participation to promote the effective administration of the government, environmental protection — original title: Hubei environmental protection issued open plan Washington Hubei provincial environmental protection department before developed and issued a "2016 provincial Environmental Protection Office open plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), adhere to the "open as normal, not open to exception" principle, actively respond to people’s expectations and concerns, and vigorously promote the public environmental protection administration. Program requirements, and comprehensively promote the environmental protection department of government affairs, including the list of public environmental protection departments and the list of responsibilities and timely dynamic adjustment. Strengthen the interpretation of the work of the policy, vigorously promote the construction of public affairs, improve the information release and update mechanism. Close the government and political people, social interaction, smooth asked the government to the people, ask for people to ask for the people of the channel. Program clear focus on deepening information disclosure in key areas. Environmental protection departments at all levels should bear within the jurisdiction of environmental information disclosure work of organization and coordination, supervision and guidance functions, the relationship between the people’s vital interests of the masses, a high degree of social concern in key areas of information, timely in the form of a special subject in the government portal website focused on public. Timely disclosure of the investigation and handling of environmental violations and environmental pollution sources of regulatory information, do a good job of state-controlled enterprises to monitor pollution sources and information dissemination work, and strengthen information dissemination and other emergencies. Hubei Provincial Department of environmental protection requirements, to protect public interests, an important way to facilitate public life as public affairs and information, to reduce the negative influence brought by closed information effectively, timely, accurate and comprehensive disclosure of government information and the government, and expand public participation, promote the effective administration of the government. Xiong Zhengyan (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: