The Hurun rich list published 80: Wang Qicheng top hungry and founder of the list 2016 Hurun rich list 80 drops, Mito, hungry Mody, founder of, today’s headlines and learning and thinking are on the list of Zhejiang University Alumni Wang Qicheng star and "drone king" Wang Taocheng as the most successful entrepreneurs after the first and second personal wealth million and above have a successor to Yan Hao, Pacific Construction and garden headed by Yang Huiyan, Wang Sicong billion to the Hurun Research Institute released the first "80 rich list" (October 31, 2016, Shanghai) following the October 13th release of "2016 garden city forest in Malaysia? Hurun" (Forest City Hurun? Rich List 2016), the Hurun Research Institute released today, one of the "Hurun top 2016 Hurun rich 80 This is the list of "Hao, Hurun Research Institute released the first official this list, including the" rich list "and" start empty-handed 80 80 inherited wealth rich list "of two parts, the deadline for the August 15, 2016 list of wealth calculation. 68 80 entrepreneurial wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, boarded the "2016 garden city forest? Hurun", 12 more than last year. The 21 is the start empty-handed. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "the first generation entrepreneurs, honesty and diligence are the most important factors of entrepreneurship, but for these 80 entrepreneurs, innovation, integration of resources and speed is the most important." "After the start empty-handed rich list": 21 80 successful entrepreneurs on the list, 5 more than last year. Total wealth of 159 billion 500 million, the average wealth of 7 billion 600 million. Yu H & Q You 36 year old and 35 year old Wang Qicheng Wu Yan became one of the richest tycoons to start empty-handed 80 24 billion 500 million. Wu Yan is also the only female entrepreneurs on the list. The second is Xinjiang 36 year old Wang Tao, the wealth of 24 billion yuan; again is a 33 year old drops Chengwei and good future of the 36 year old Zhang Bangxin, the wealth of 13 billion yuan respectively. The average age of 34 years, the 30 year old science and technology vocabulary section Wei became the youngest 80 start empty-handed rich, followed by the 31 century Huatong Shao Heng and hungry, 31 year old Zhang Xuhao. No 90". Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are the places of young entrepreneurs. Beijing 80 start empty-handed s most, 7; followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen, with 4 people; once again, Hangzhou, 3; Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shaoxing each have 1 people. It is worth mentioning that, Xiamen has become the cradle of entrepreneurial projects. Basically engaged in IT industry. In this year’s list of the most on the increase in the number of financial investment in the industry, 80 start empty-handed list only Jiuding Wu Qiang and micro credit network Yao hong. "After the start empty-handed rich list"   name of wealth (100 million yuan) or age Wang Qicheng and his wife Wu Yan, 69%, live 36, 35 Yu Hangzhou Wang Tao of handing woo相关的主题文章: